Updates in your account

November 2019

1. Bookings > Search bookings page optimised for mobile.

2. Bookings > Search bookings - a new additional date filter has been added so you can filter by two sets of date ranges. Example: Bookings placed between xxxx for Arrivals between xxxx

3. On your Payment reminders page (Bookings > Payments reminders) we have now included logos for channel bookings to allow you to easily identify bookings sent from other channels. The channels included are Booking.com, Airbnb, HomeAway, TripAdvisor and Premier Cottages


October 2019

1. New mobile optimised header layout of your SuperControl account. We have made the search ability easier to use on mobile and upgraded for desktop as well.

2. Per person pricing can now be sent to HomeAway and Airbnb listings from SuperControl.

For Airbnb - If you set different prices for specific number of guests in SuperControl, it will be available on your Airbnb listing. This will apply for number of guests between 1 and 15. Any pricing beyond 16 or more people will be calculated at your maximum capacity pricing due to limitations from Airbnb.

This change also means that we can extend how long we send availability for in the future. Instead of the 12 months that we currently send, we can extend this to show 18 months in the future!

For HomeAway - If you set different prices for specific number of guests in SuperControl it will be available on your HomeAway listing. There is no need to opt-in for this as the change will begin automatically.


3. Copy individual discounts across to all or selected properties.

When you click Copy you can choose to copy to selected properties or groups:


Please note: If a discount conflicts with the same discount on another property for the same dates or overlapping dates, you will will receive the following alert before it will allow you to copy:

Click OK if you want to proceed or Cancel to abandon the copy. By clicking OK, it will remove the conflicting discounts and replace it with the one you are copying.

September 2019

1. Airbnb connection update: New messaging service. Allow guests to receive and send messages directly from the Airbnb account and reply to them from SuperControl. Click here to find out more.

2. Airbnb connection update: If you have default options set up in SuperControl, they will now display separately in a booking. Previously your default options were added to the main price - but now it will be split accordingly.

3. Airbnb connection update: Some settings from your Airbnb data page has moved within your main property settings pages. For example, the Photos page within Airbnb data is now part of your SuperControl photo property settings. Bedroom/Bathrooms/Capacity/Beds/Room configurations and Checkout details are now all part of your main property settings.

4. Airbnb connection update: Within SuperControl's Airbnb integration page we have introduced an authorisation area within "Manage accounts". This is so you can grant authorisation to allow messaging and Airbnb to use a live lookup for availability.

5. The Special Offers pages in SuperControl are now optimised for mobile. Viewing special offers on your website via the special offers HTML link, and viewing/editing offers can now be done easily via your mobile.

6. Housekeepers Login optimised for mobile.

7. Arrivals & Departures report optimised for mobile (Bookings > Charts & Reports > Arrivals & Departures).

8. Housekeeping reports optimised for mobile. (Bookings > Charts & Reports > Housekeeping report/Housekeeping report (bulk).

9. New form layout when submitting a support ticket. This is to gather as much information about the issue to reduce delays in answering your queries.

(Coming soon) New Booking.com tab allowing you to mark cards as invalid and send information to Booking.com regarding guests who don;t show up. Click here for more information.

August 2019

1. Enquiries > View/Edit has been developed into a mobile optimised page. There has also been a facelift version on your desktop version in order to utilise more space on the page.

2. Email validation added when creating an admin booking. A warning message will now appear if you have entered an email address that doesn't exist:

3. In Bookings > Charts & Reports > Housekeeping report you can click "Modify options" to now include the booking source detail to your housekeepers. This is really useful so your housekeeper can see where your booking originated from, allowing them to perhaps tailor your guests stay.

4. When creating or editing your email templates, new tags have been added for the following:

  • Agency fee
  • Rental/Pricing notes
  • Customer rating
July 2019

1. TripAdvisor two-way integration. This means bookings from TripAdvisor will automatically populate into SuperControl. Now your availability will be in sync. This will be introduced week commencing 29th July. Click here for information on how to integrate.

2. Automatically add booking source for API bookings. Where bookings come via the API, for example Hometogo or Cottages.com, the booking source is automatically assigned. If the source doesn’t exist in the account it is automatically added.

3. Statistics > Booking options > Full options report. For agencies that use the accounting code feature you can now filter the full options and extras report. Add property type filter. Add property group filter.

4. Bookings > Search bookings. New option to itemise all options and extras as separate columns in the CSV export. Add new “first payment date” filter. Add username field to CSV export to identify the user who added admin bookings.

5. Upfront Reviews  - unsubscribe. Guests can unsubscribe from review requests sent from Upfront Reviews. This will stop any future review request emails being sent to them. Now it is shown in the UFR tab in the booking screen if the guest has unsubscribed. Note that emails are sent from UpFront Reviews, so guests can potentially unsubscribe after booking with a client which will block emails being sent from ANY other clients.

6. Statistics > Property performance report. Add option to filter by property type

7. New mobile page created for Enquiries > Add. The desktop version has had a small upgrade to utilise more space on the page. Also the mobile page created has been updated so it works properly on mobile. This will be introduced week commencing 29th July.


May 2019

1. Properties > Edit > select property > Go. In this main settings page of your property we have added the additional percentage fields for your short breaks so you can add weekend and mid week percentages easily. Before you could only enter different mid-week and weekend percentages via the Price Planner.

2. In Emails/Letters > Automated emails/SMS and choose to add or edit an automated email, you can choose the sender (the email address who it sent from and the name that displays):

Any replies from the guest will also be sent to the Sender email address.

April 2019

1. (Fri 12th Apr) New page called “Rooms” added to property settings. Properties > Edit > Rooms > Go. This is where you will configure your bedroom, bathroom and living room layout. If you already have this information added for HomeAway or Airbnb we have automatically copied this data for you.

2.  (Fri 12th Apr) New photo tags area. Properties > Edit > Photos > Go. There is a new field allowing you to enter photo tags. These will soon feed to Booking.com to ensure your have the relevant photos to increase your property page score, eg. Photo of a living room would have the tag "Living room" etc. Click in the field to display a list of tags available. (More to follow on Booking.com content feed - coming soon).

3.  (Fri 12th Apr) Spoken languages field added within Admin > General details. Enter in as many languages that you speak.

^^^ Why have these changes happened?

Due to the structure of our channel manager, adding as many settings to property level means that you will only need to input information once to feed across to channels.

4. New export to CSV option added to Year-on-Year comparison report Statistics > Year-on-year comparison.

5. Email address validation added to Admin > General details page. This will prompt you to add an email address before saving this page to ensure automated emails and booking summaries can be sent successfully.

February 2019

1. New filter added in Bookings > Search bookings report. Now you can search by your website bookings but choose to include/exclude affiliate (channel) bookings.

2. You can now edit your vouchers once they have been saved. Go to Vouchers / Offers > View vouchers and click Edit.

3. When merging duplicate guest records, we have now ensured the consent options are merged as well. We have also carried out a bug fix so that multiple records can be merged at one time (Database > Merge duplicates).

4. A new field has been added to your Property Settings page - "Tourist licence number or identifier". This field is current being requested for TripAdvisor connections but will potentially be required for additional channels such as Booking.com, Airbnb etc.. In several countries and regions, the local government requires properties to have a special licence. When you have a property in these regions, you must provide the property's licence details.

5. A second new field has been added to your property settings page - only if your property is in France. You will have the option to select "Residence type" as either Primary, Secondary or Other. You are required to enter this information when integrating with some channels eg. Booking.com, Airbnb, TripAdvisor etc.

6. To add your own licences go to Admin > Licence summary. Select the additional number of licences you require from the drop down and click Update.

7. A field  called "Floor space" has been added in your Property Settings page. Information added to this field will be used to sync with your property listings on booking sites via the channel manager. At the moment this is only required by HomeAway.

8. When creating new drop down questions on your booking/enquiry form (Properties > Booking & Enquiry form fields) you now separate your drop down answers with a "/". Previous to this it was a "|" which is a lesser known symbol and causing confusion.

9. A new prompt has been added within the Property Settings page. If you update your short break percentages and/or departure days (if you have this enabled) and you click Save, you will be asked if you want to copy these settings to your Price Planner. If you click OK the prices and settings will immediately update in your Price Planner.

10. New filter search in Bookings > Search bookings report. When searching by "Website" bookings you can now include or exclude affiliate bookings. This allows you to report on your own website bookings only, or include channel bookings in your report.

11. New prompt added when updated your short break settings. When you update your short break percentages or departure day grid via the property settings page - when you click Save a prompt will show asking if you want to populate these settings to your Price Planner.

12. If you use short breaks bands (Properties > Short break bands). We have now added extra validation when copying these bands from one property to another within the Price Planner.

13. Now you can edit your vouchers once they have been saved. If you need to update a voucher go to Vouchers/Offers > View vouchers > Edit.

January 2019

1. Mobile version of admin grid view (Bookings > Grid view) launched.

2. Price Planner message added when adding prices that go beyond your chart display settings.

3. Minimum price field has moved from the property settings page to the top of your Price Planner.

4. You can now mark booking reminders as Complete on your Payment reminders page.

5. We have changed the field name of "Search Variables" to "Amenities" .

6. We have carried out some more small label changes throughout the account. Please find a list below:

Name change FROM Name change TO
Properties > Edit > Settings  ("Copy owner into booking emails" & "Copy owner into enquiry emails" )
"Copy owner into your WEBSITE booking confirmation" - "Copy owner into your WEBSITE enquiry confirmation".
Properties > Edit > Settings  (Online bookings allowed)
"Accept online bookings <> days prior to arrival"
Properties > Edit > Settings  (Days prior to arrival to always allow short breaks)
"Allow late availabilty short breaks <> days prior to arrival"
Properties > Edit > Settings  (Allow any day entry)
"Accept bookings on any day"
Admin > General details  ("Require rating value" & "Require source value") "Guest rating value required" & "Booking source value required"
December 2018

1. We have added a new column into your Arrivals & Departures report (Bookings > Chart & reports > Arrivals & Departures) called "Previous stays". Now you can easily see if a guest has stayed with you before.


Suzanne Heayns

I don't want the new mobile version on my lap top screen, how do I get the old style back please?

Rosie Georgeson

Hi Suzanne,

The grid view for desktop has only has a slight alignment update, so the layout has not changed much at all. If you're seeing any issues whereby it looks very different can you please send a ticket to our support team and include a screenshot (support@supercontrol.co.uk) and we will look into this further for you.

Many thanks

david smythe

Just entered my prices for 2020 for one cottage, but not given the option to copy across to the two others. Or I missed this. Likewise after entering reduced occupancy percentage discounts for one cottage, I was not given the option to transfer this across to other properties. Or, again, I missed this.

Rosie Georgeson

Hi David,

If you go to Properties > Copy > Copy prices you can select to copy from and to any chosen property.

If you having any issues let us know by emailing support@supercontrol.co.uk

Kin regards

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