Xero accounting integration

1. Go to Integrations > Accountancy software export.

2. Select your Accounting package as "Xero" and enter in your Xero defaults:

For your Sales code you can obtain this from your Xero login and go to Accounting > Chart of accounts. You can enter different codes for deposits and balances if required.

You can find your VAT code in Xero by going to Accounting > Advanced > Tax rates. Copy the Name of the code exactly as it is shown and paste it into SuperControl e.g. "20% (VAT on Income)"

3. Once done click Save.

4. To create different codes per property go to Properties > Edit > next to the property select Financial > Go. Here you can enter in the relevant information and click Save.

Exporting the data to Xero

1. In Integrations > Accountancy software export > Defaults > click on "Export to Xero"

2. Select the template "Payments to Xero invoices"

3. Enter your date range and click Filter.

4. Tick the payments you wish to export to Xero. This will create invoices in Xero allowing you to reconcile your payments. You can easily select all by ticking the very top tick box, or select individual payments:

5. Click Download CSV.

6. In Xero go to Business > Invoices > Import:

7. Click "Browse" and upload the file you have exported from SuperControl from your saved location.  Select the correct options shown in yellow below and click Import.

8. Click Complete import


Adam Stephenson

In the beta version, where a balance and redundant deposit we're paid, in SC they showed as two separate lines (which I would expect), however, in the actual export file, only one of the two lines we're exported, leaving the second missing line, to be manually created. Has this been sorted?

Rosie Georgeson

Hi Adam,

This should appear now for you. If you are still unable to see this please raise a support ticket and we can continue to investigate. Kind regards, Rosie

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