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Create property custom fields to store additional information

Do you need additional text fields to store information about your property, whether you need to pull this through via the API or email templates using tags? This is possible with the use of Custom fields.

1. Go to Properties > Custom fields.

2. Enter a field name eg. "Door entry codes" and click "Add new".

3. Go to Properties > Edit > select property > Custom fields > Go. You will now be shown an additional text field to enter your information - once added click Save.


Pull this information into your email templates

4. Go to Emails/Letters > Edit.

5. Select your letter you wish to include this new information and click Edit.

6. Click the "Tag" button to display your tag options.


7. Click on "Booking properties" and near the bottom you will see your list of property custom fields. Click the relevant tag to enter into your email template and close the window.

8. Click Save once your template is ready. Now when you generate the letter to send within a booking, the custom field will be pre-populated with the correct information. How do I generate an email to a guest - click here?


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