FAQs: Airbnb integration

How are prices calculated for Airbnb?

1. Navigate to Integrations > Channel manager > International > Airbnb.

2. Click on "Settings" then select which prices to base the calculation on from the drop-down.

We recommend you use Daily Prices to ensure the closest price match.

If you use Fixed/percentage price for number of nights, the price is calculated as follows:

A 6 night price in SuperControl = £620

A one night weekend (rate selected in step 2) price in SuperControl = £430

430 x 6 = £2580

620/2580 = 24% which means a 75% discount (100% - 24% - 1%) we subtract an additional 1% to the discount to ensure no loss of income.

2580 - 75% = £645

Tip: If you want your pricing to be closer to your SuperControl price you can use the Uplift feature within your Airbnb data "Rates" page for your property.

What is Instant Book on Airbnb?

When SuperControl is integrated with Airbnb, bookings made on Airbnb are managed on a setting called Instant Book.  With Instant Book, guests confirm their reservation right away without approval from the host/owner. On SuperControl bookings are provisional until you confirm with the guest, but on Airbnb the booking is confirmed and payment is made when the guest makes a booking. Look for the button on your Airbnb listing that says "Instant Book". 


Benefits of Instant Book:

  • You do not need to respond to each request.
  • Guests can plan their trip and make a booking instantly.
  • Using Instant Book can positively affect your response rate and so works towards improving your search results placement. 
  • To obtain Superhost status on Airbnb you need a 90% response rate. Instant Book can help you reach that status.
How do I connect multiple Airbnb accounts to my SuperControl?

1. Go to Integrations > Channel manager > International > Airbnb.

2. Click the link here:

3. Enter your Airbnb login details for one account and click "Log in". Then proceed through the steps.

4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for each account you want to connect to SuperControl.

Label your merged Airbnb account with an alias

If you have listed multiple Airbnb accounts in SuperControl you may wish to enter an alias name so you can easily see what properties are synced to what account/alias.

1. Go to Integrations > Channel manager > International > Airbnb.

2. Click on Manage accounts:

3. Enter you "alias" name. This can be your Airbnb login email for your different accounts.

4. Click Close.

How do I allocate amenities to Airbnb?

You need to allocate at least five amenities for each property in order for the listing to work. When you first see the list of amenities, the list will all show as none available like this:

In order to show them with green ticks to show that they are available, follow these steps:

Step 1 - To add all amenities into SuperControl click "add them now":

This will now populate all of these amenities into SuperControl.

Step 2 - Once completed you need to tick what amenities are associated with the property. Please note, these are labelled as "Search variables" in SuperControl.

At the top of the page on the grey menu bar select "Search variables"

Under the heading "Airbnb" tick the search variables that apply to this property:

Then Save at the bottom of the page.

Step 3 - Navigate back to your Airbnb listing page by going to Integrations > Channel manager > International > Airbnb and click the property reference number to take you back to your listing set-up page:

You will now see the relevant amenities are ticked:

How do I add photos to my Airbnb listing?

When you first start your set-up for the Airbnb integration you may not have any photos added to your property in SuperControl. If that is the case then the Airbnb photo menu will display like this, with no photos added at all:

Step 1 - To upload photos go to Properties > Edit > select "Photos" next to your selected property and Go:

Step 2 - Click Upload photos and add in all relevant photos for this property. Please note you need to add at least seven photos.

Step 3 - Navigate back to your Airbnb listing page by going to Integrations > Channel manager > International > Airbnb and click the property reference number to take you back to your listing set-up page:

Step 4 - Click on the properties you wish to enable for Airbnb and Save.

How do I de-activate a property from Airbnb?

Go to Integrations > Channel manager > International > Airbnb

Use the toggle slider to turn the listing from On to Off:


What location areas does Airbnb reject?

Please note that Airbnb do not publish listings in the following locations:

Catania Coast
Lazio Coast
Lazio Countryside
Oxford City

How do I take a guest payment on a booking from Airbnb?

1. When a guest places a booking on Airbnb, the card details and payment are processed directly through Airbnb.

2. Depending on your chosen cancellation policy, Airbnb will pay you the funds near the guests’ arrival date. For more exact information on when you will be paid, you should contact Airbnb.

3. The amount you will be paid by Airbnb is the rental price minus the commission that Airbnb takes.

How do I correspond with guests who booked on Airbnb?

1. Once a booking is placed on Airbnb, you will receive a notification from Airbnb that you’ve had a new booking.

2. Ideally, all email correspondence should be done within your Airbnb login. This is because the emails triggered from SuperControl cannot be replied to by the guest so, to avoid any missed emails, we’d advise sending them directly via Airbnb. Also note that Airbnb strips all links out of emails sent from within SuperControl to the Airbnb encrypted email address.

Why are my properties not displaying in searches on Airbnb?

The reason they may not appear online is because you still haven't published them from your Airbnb account.

To publish them you need to log into your Airbnb account and select each property you wish to publish on the below link.


How do we collect security deposit on an Airbnb booking?

The security deposit never really gets "taken" with Airbnb. It's just a value that is set aside to be able to be claimed against via the Resolution Centre in Airbnb should the you need to.


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