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Development Update and Self-Catering Bulletin Q3 2019

Hello SuperControllers!

It's been a while since the last newsletter and we have lots of updates to share with you. 2019 has been a busy year so far. We have continued to listen to you, prioritising developments that matter most to help your business thrive. 

The TripAdvisor integration is now two-way

  • SuperControl's integration with TripAdvisor is now two-way - this means you can send and receive bookings from TripAdvisor into your SuperControl account. 
  • When you receive a TripAdvisor booking the commission taken by TripAdvisor is detailed in the booking - providing extra clarity. 
  • Your default options and extras are now itemised when a booking is sent through TripAdvisor.

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Our channel manager now includes a full two-way integration with Simpleview (formerly known as New Mind, the company that owns Guestlink), syncing prices and availability. When guests click to book on eg Guestlink they are re-directed straight to your SuperControl booking pages. All bookings are tracked as affiliate bookings.

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Development updates

Automatically add booking source for API bookings

Where bookings come via the API, eg Hometogo or, the booking source is automatically assigned. If the source doesn’t exist in the account it is automatically added.

Statistics > Booking options > Full options report

Agencies that use the accounting code feature can now filter the full options and extras report. You can also add property type filter and add property group filter.

Bookings > Search bookings

  • You can now choose to itemise all options and extras as separate columns in the CSV export.
  • Add new “first payment date” filter.
  • Add username field to CSV export to identify the user who added admin bookings.

Upfront Reviews  - unsubscribe

Guests can unsubscribe from receiving review requests from Upfront Reviews. This will stop any future review request emails being sent to them. When a guest unsubscribes it will show in the UpFront Review tab in the booking screen. Note that emails are sent from UpFront Reviews, so guests can potentially unsubscribe after booking with a client which will block emails being sent from ANY other clients.

Statistics > Property performance report

You can add an option to filter by property type.

New mobile page created for Enquiries > Add. The desktop version has had a small upgrade to utilise more space on the page. Also the mobile page created has been updated so it works properly on mobile. This will be introduced week commencing 29th July.

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