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How do I set up the Airbnb integration with SuperControl?

New to Airbnb

If you’re new to Airbnb, please follow the guide by starting with step 1. You’ll first create an Airbnb account.

Then you’ll connect your Airbnb account to your SuperControl account. Finally, you’ll use your SuperControl listings to create new Airbnb listings.

Already list with Airbnb

If you already have an Airbnb account, please skip steps 1 through 6. Your starting point is step 6 -- Connect your Airbnb account to SuperControl. Once connected you will map your SuperControl listings to your Airbnb listings.

1. Go to and click “Sign up".

2. Fill in your information and click "Sign up".

3. Accept the community commitment and terms of service.

4. Add your photo and then confirm your phone number. Airbnb will send your a verification code by SMS for your to confirm.

5. You will receive an email from Airbnb to confirm your email address. Click the "Confirm email" button within the email to do this.

6. Login to SuperControl and go to Integrations > Channel manager > International > Airbnb then click "Click to begin the connection process".

7. Click "Connect with Airbnb".

8. Sign into Airbnb using your email address and Airbnb password then click "Log in".

9. Tick to agree to Airbnb terms or service then click "Allow" to proceed with the connection between SuperControl and Airbnb.

12. Click "Return to SuperControl".

13. Click "Settings" to set your default values for all properties. This will save you time having to re-enter information multiple times for each property.

The "Settings" page allows you to choose what fields populate your data on Airbnb from SuperControl with a click of a button.

For example, you can pre-populate "Directions" from your "Location information" field in SuperControl  (if you already have this completed). If you don't have information in SuperControl that matches the same description in Airbnb then leave as "Default (None)" and you can fill them out individually per property when you come to step 15.

14. Once your default settings are completed you will now have each of your properties displayed with an "On/Off" toggle on the right hand side. To enable the property connection with Airbnb slide to toggle right to reveal "On".

15. If there is missing data in SuperControl to build your listing in Airbnb you will be prompted to complete these. Click on the buttons to work your way through each page. Ensure you click Save once completing each section.

16. Once you have completed all information from Basic details to Amenities go to Integrations > Channel manager > International > Airbnb. You’ll see a button prompting you to Get Listing ID

17. Click the button to get your Listing ID.

This can take 1-2 minutes. Once you have your Listing ID, the listing will appear in your Airbnb account.

18. Next, go to What to Sync. There are two different ways to manage your Airbnb listings: “Sync everything” or “Limited sync.”

Your sync options What does this sync do? Anything else I should know?
Sync everything
Listing details, booking settings, pricing,
availability, messages, and reservations will all be managed via SuperControl.
You can view these things on the Airbnb website but you will only be able to edit them using SuperControl.
If you have chosen to “Sync everything” and you map your existing SuperControl listing to an existing Airbnb listing, the listing descriptions, photos,and amenities of the Airbnb listing will be replaced with the information from SuperControl.
Your Airbnb reviews and ratings will remain.
Limited sync
Only your pricing, availability, messages, and
reservations will be managed via SuperControl.
Your listing details and booking settings will be managed via the Airbnb website.
This option is great if you want to customize
your listings description, photos, or booking
settings to appeal to Airbnb guests.
If you have chosen to “Limited sync” and you
map your existing SuperControl listing to an existing AiIrbnb listing the listing descriptions, photos, and amenities of the Airbnb listing will remain.
Your Airbnb reviews and ratings will also remain.

19. Now go to the "Sync to" column. There are two ways to sync listings to Airbnb. Under the “Sync to” section you can:

Choose to map a SuperControl listing to an existing Airbnb listing, by searching for the appropriate listing in your Airbnb account.


You can choose to Sync to a “New Listing” which will create a new listing on Airbnb.

Note: Instant book will be turned on for all synced listings. Learn more about Instant Book on Airbnb .

20. Once you have set everything up correctly click the “Sync all listings” button in the top right. You can also sync individual listings using the sync button on each row.

By clicking the Sync button, you are turning all selected listings live on Airbnb and will begin to receive messages and bookings from Airbnb guests!


Sherry Forbes

I already have an Airbnb listing with descriptions etc. Do I need to got through the whole process as described above to get a Listing ID? I can't find a Listing ID on my current Airbnb listings.

Alexandra Jellicoe

I have been through this whole process and Airbnb are now telling me that they cannot port reviews/superhost status if you sync supercontrol listings to the existing account as it is advised to do here. Please can someone sort this out? I've been trying to get these listings active for nearly a week.

Rosie Georgeson

Hi Alexandra,

It looks like you have mapped to an existing account but not mapped the properties. in this case we will need to remove and start the process again. If you already have existing listings then when you set up the integration you need to map to existing listings (step 19 above) - this way the reviews and superhost status can be transferred. To do this please contact and one of our team can help you with this.

Kind regards

sue sharples

I have been trying to list some of my cottages as a trial on Airbnb, however I have spent that past 3 hours trying to do this and just can't seem to get any nearer. I admit I am not super efficient with technology, but it is seeming to be very difficult to synchronise Supercontrol and Airbnb together.

Rosie Georgeson

Hi Sue,

A member of our support team will email you shortly to understand more about your issues so they can help you through the whole process.

Kind regards

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