FAQs: TripAdvisor integration

I cannot send quotes to enquiries received via TripAdvisor

You will only be able to send quotes if you have prices for the enquiry period added within your Price Planner in SuperControl. You will need to check you have relevant pricing added by going to Properties > Edit > select property > Price Planner > Go. For help with adding prices click here.

Why does a booking fee apply on TripAdvisor bookings?

Depending on the plan type, listings might not have a booking fee. Accounts on a subscription or Pay-per-Lead model don’t charge a traveller commission. The most popular plan - the commission model, always has a traveller bookings fee.

Do special prices in my price planner sync to TripAdvisor?

No. If you have used special prices please note these will not be included in the rates feed to TripAdvisor.


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