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How do I set up my property listings on Airbnb?

** Please note, setting up this integration enables Instant Booking on Airbnb **

1. Go to Integrations > Channel manager > International > Airbnb.

Click "Connect with Airbnb".

2. Next to your chosen property click "Start".

3. If you require a limited sync and only want to send rates and availability, tick "Rates & Availability only". This will exclude any content information from SuperControl being sent.

4. Once your Airbnb default settings have been copied you are moved to the "Validated" section. If there is any data missing in SuperControl a warning message will appear. Click "Fix" to enter all missing information.

Example of error messaging:

5. Once the information has been added click "Re-validate" - if all information has been added you can click "Create Listing".

If using limited sync for rates & availability only you can click "Create Listing".

6. Your listing is now being created on Airbnb. Please note this process can take a couple of minutes.

7. Once the property has been "Approved" click "Publish". You will then be prompted to log in to Airbnb.

8. Once logged in to your Airbnb portal you need to map your property. From the "New listing" drop down click on the matching property eg. Rose Cottage > Rose Cottage.

9. Choose your sync settings. If you are only syncing rates and availability, choose "Limited sync". If syncing all content choose "Everything".

10. Click "Publish".

For more information on how to make the most of your Airbnb listing watch this webinar.


Buffy Morris

I would like to see how I could set up this integration easily if I already have an Airbnb account. I would also like to know what happens if your normal pricing method is not per night - how that carries over into Airbnb's availability, pricing and booking periods.

Rosie Georgeson

Hi Buffy,
If you have an existing listing you follow the same guide above. Then when you get to point 8 you need to ensure you map to your existing listing.

Currently we use a calculation to get your Airbnb price as close as possible to your SuperControl price. It can be out slightly but not by much. We are currently working on a new pricing structure so that you prices on Airbnb will be an exact match to your SuperControl account. We will inform you once this change has been made.

Kind regards

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