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How do I complete Airbnb onboarding after approved status?

1. Once the property has been "Approved" click "Publish". You will be prompted to log in to Airbnb.

2. Next you need to map your property. From the "New listing" drop down click on the matching property eg. Rose Cottage > Rose Cottage.

3. Choose your sync settings. If you are only syncing rates and availability, choose "Limited sync". If syncing all content choose "Everything".

4. Click "Publish".

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Julia Reade

We have tried to set up supercontrol calendars on our EXISTING airbnb listings and have soemhow created ghost weird extra listings can you delete them from your end or will we have to find out from airbnb how to delete them?

Rosie Georgeson

Hi Julia,

Until you map to your existing listing you will find some duplicate properties. Once mapped the duplicates will disappear. You can find out how to map by completing step 2 from the above article.

Kind regards

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