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How do I set up My Personal Sanctuary as an optional extra?

1. To add My Personal Sanctuary to your list of guest options, go to Properties > Booking options.

2. Type the "Option name" and click "Next" to fill in the Booking options summary screen. Once completed click Save. In this example, we've used "My Personal Sanctuary" for the option name. However, you may prefer to use a name that better describes their services, e.g. "Spa treatments in your accommodation".

3. The price for My Personal Sanctuary should be set to £0 in SuperControl, as the price will be quoted and handled directly between you and My Personal Sanctuary. To add the price and other settings go to Properties > Booking options and click on the option "My Personal Sanctuary".

4. Select "All properties".

5. Set the "Max for this property" to 1 for every property you want My Personal Sanctuary to apply to. Then close the window. Your settings will save automatically.

Next step: Create an automated email to inform My Personal Sanctuary of a new booking.

1. Create My Personal Sanctuary as a contact in your address booking by going to Admin > Address book > Add contacts

2. Fill out the contact form including email address.

3. Set up an email for My Personal Sanctuary by going to Emails/Letters > Add letter.

4. Enter a letter name e.g. "My Personal Sanctuary email" and enter your content. You can build you letter using tags to avoid manually typing information.

Build the content of your template using tags. Click TAG within the toolbar and select relevant tags to populate your letter (e.g. Thank you for booking {property_name}; We look forward to you arriving on {property_arrival})... This means the tags will automatically pull through the correct information on each booking without you needing to manually update it.

Note: If using tags within the Booking properties section, ensure you click to "Add property section" <start> and <end> tags.  The <start> tag should be placed at the very top of the template and the <end> tag should be at the very end of the letter (see example, below). These are hidden when generated but allow the tags in between to show correctly.

5. Then, go to Emails/Letters > Automated email/SMS.

6. Click Add new group and call it "My Personal Sanctuary"- select Automatically apply to "All bookings", then click Add group.

7. Select Add new letter > Go.

8. Select your My Personal Sanctuary email and click Add letter.

9. Set your Schedule date to "Send when criteria is triggered" then select your "Schedule criteria" as My Personal Sanctuary [Yes]. Click Add.

10. Select My Personal Sanctuary as your "To" Recipient and choose if you wish to CC yourself into the email.

11. Click Update letter.

Your email is now scheduled to send automatically whenever a guest selects My Personal Sanctuary as an optional extra.


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