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How do I mass send emails to my database?

1. Firstly create a "list" in MailChimp. A list is a name associated with the email you will send e.g. “Summer newsletter”. To set-up a list in MailChimp go to Lists > Create List.

2. In SuperControl go to Database > Filter.

3. Enter in your filter parameters e.g. to send an email to subscribers only, select “Subscribed = Yes”

4. You can also filter by date type e.g. Holiday date, Booking date, Enquiry date etc.

5. Click Filter.

6. Select the list you want to send your database to and click Send to MailChimp.

7. A pop-up window will inform you of the process and any errors that may occur.

8. Your filtered database is now imported into MailChimp ready for you to create and send your email via your MailChimp account.


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