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How do I enable Loqate postcode lookup?

1. Sign up to Loqate using this application form: 

2. Login to your Loqate account and click on "New service". Click "Create" within the API key section.

3. Once set-up, add your Account code and API key in SuperControl within Integrations > Admin tools > PCA Predict. 

4. Purchase credits from Loqate by clicking the "Top up" button within your Loqate account. Select your top up amount then click "Buy".

5. That's it - the postcode lookup button will appear on your booking form as long as you have credits in your Loqate account and your daily limit hasn't been exceeded.

If you want to disable this just remove your API key and account code from the Integrations > Admin tools > PLoqate postcode lookup in SuperControl.


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