How do I add my owners?

1. Go to Agency > Add owners.

2. Enter as much contact information as you can. Make sure you have an email address added. An email address will let you send statements to owners and will enable you to set up an owner login.

3. Under the heading “Booking summary details” select the type of summary you wish to copy the owner into. Please note, if you do not wish to copy the owner into the summary email sent to a guest at time of booking, ignore this area.

4. If you would like the owner to have access to an owner login, tick the access options you would like them to have.

5. Set your commission settings. This will be set by default by our support team when you sign up, so the correct settings are pre-loaded for you. If you need to change these settings email us so we can advise the best settings for you or see how to set your correct commission model.

6. Enter the owners bank details. Please note this is NOT compulsory. This feature allows these details to display on a payment report for owners (Agency > Commission statement > View payments).

7. You can add notes against the owner. These cannot be seen by the owner.

8. Click Save.


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