How do I pay all owners in bulk?

1. Go to Agency > Commission statement and set your payment date range.

2. Firstly click Statement for “All owners” and ensure everything to be included in the payment run is ticked. You can select the “Mark paid” heading to select everything.

3. Then navigate back to Agency > Commission statement and click Bulk payments for “All owners”.

4. Ensure all the owners you wish to pay are selected.

Preview the owner statement before you send it by clicking the PDF icon next to each owner statement button.

5. Enter a payment date, caption, and reference.

6. Select an email template to send as a covering letter to your owners. If you don’t have one set up click here to see how to set up an email template.

7. Choose if you wish to send the email to owners on a specific date/time, send on the payment date or send now.

8. Click Save and click OK.

What is Lock payments? If you are 100% happy with all your payments then you can tick to lock those payments in place. It means they cannot be edited in any way after the payment has been made.


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