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How do I add my housekeepers?

If you have housekeepers, it is a good idea to provide a login to the Housekeeper login area. When the housekeeper logs in, they can see arrival times to help them prepare for guests, and run off arrival/departure reports.

Where do I add a housekeeper?

To add a housekeeper, go to Admin > Housekeepers > Add Housekeepers.  Here you can add the housekeeper's details and set up a password.  Setting a password for your housekeeper will allow the housekeeper to login to their own Housekeeping area using login details. 

What do I want my housekeeper to see?

You can set-up what you would like the housekeeper to see when bookings are made. Go to Admin > Housekeepers > Add housekeepers and scroll to the bottom of the screen. 

Assign the housekeeper to a property

Next you need to assign the housekeeper to a particular property. Select Admin > Housekeepers > Edit housekeeper.  Click on "Edit" next to the property name.

Scroll down to the Housekeeper section of the form. Select the relevant housekeeper from the drop down list and save the form. 

If you need to allocate multiple housekeepers to a property, hold down the Ctrl button and click each housekeeper name (if using a Mac select the command key whilst clicking on the housekeeper names).

The housekeeper will now be associated with the relevant property. 


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