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How do I add/edit my search variables?

Search variables allow your website visitors to search for properties with amenities that they require for their stay eg. pet friendly, wheelchair access or hot tub so that they can find their perfect property.

We only recommend using this functionality if you have at least 8 properties. Search variables is available to PLUS and AGENCY users.

How do I add search variables?

1. First add your search categories go to Properties > Search variables > Add/edit variable categories. Location and Facilities are the most common categories that search variables fall under. This will then allow you to allocate your main variables to the relevant category, eg. Hot tub would be within the Facilities category.

2. When you have added your categories, you then add Search variables to each one. Go to Properties > Search variables > Add/edit variables.

3. Enter a name for your variable.

4. Assign the Search variable to its relevant Category from the dropdown menu.

5. When you have set all your parameters, click “Add new”.

6. Repeat the steps above for all the variables you want to add.

For API users: You can edit the Search variable on your website by adding an image or icon for the variable. There is also content within this page that your web developer can complete. It is possible to use search variables to pull through property facility options on to the property pages of your website.

Applying search variables to properties

1. Go to Properties > Edit > select property > Search variables > Go. 

2. Simply tick the check-box next to all that apply and Save.

How do I edit my search variables?

1. Go to Properties > Edit > select property > Search variables > Go. 

2. Un-tick the varaibles that may not longer apply and tick any new ones. Once adjusted click Save.


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