Help CentreUsing SuperControl Configuring my propertyHow do I show more months on my availability calendar?

How do I show more months on my availability calendar?

1. Go to Properties > Chart display. Chart display lets you set how far into the future your customers can view the availability calendars. It also shows how many months at a time will load (only relevant for the monthly calendar integration).

2.  The month/year that you choose from the drop down box will be the last month that displays in your availability chart.

3.  If you use monthly calendars for each property, select Display calendar for however many months you want to show. 

4. The tick box Automatically display calendars up to last date with a price - If this box is ticked it will extend your calendars to display up to the last date you have pricing enabled for (please note this can take 24 hours to update). However, some people prefer to un-tick this box when inputting pricing so they have time to check things before it displays to customers.


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