Help CentreUsing SuperControl Managing bookingsHow do I add a custom option/extra to a booking?

How do I add a custom option/extra to a booking?

1. First you need to navigate to the booking. If you know the booking number, you can enter it in the booking number search at the top right of your screen.

Or you can go to Bookings > Grid view. When your grid has loaded click on the booking to take you into the main area for that booking. OR go to Bookings > Search bookings and use the filter options to find your booking.

3. Click “Edit” and then go to “Options/Extras”.

4. Scroll down to “Custom options”, enter your custom option name, price and quantity then click “Save”.

5. To add multiple custom options, click “Add” and it will create additional fields.

Custom options are only assigned to the booking in which they are added. If you offer them all the time you should add them as a main option/extra.

Click here to see how to add these.


J Spreckley

How to add a custom extra during a telephone booking?

Rosie Georgeson

Hi there,

I'm afraid you can only add a custom option once an admin booking has been saved. Once saved, click "Edit" within the booking and click on Options/Extras. Then you can add a custom option here.

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