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Covid-19: Collecting Guest Details on Booking Forms and in the Guest login (My Stay Planner)

This article provides guidance on how to collect  information about guest  addresses, household composition, and any other data that is either advised or required in order to ensure that you can accept the guest's booking.

How do I collect guest names, ages and gender on the booking form or Guest Login?

SuperControl will always collect the contact details of the lead guest.  If you want to collect the details of other guests in the party then you can do so.

Go to "Admin > General details".

Scroll down to the "website booking form options" section.

Tick the box to "collect guest names, gender and age".

There are several options available:

  • Do not accept initials - this means that the guest must enter their name, i.e. John Smith instead of J Smith.
  • Show gender dropdown - if you need to record gender of each guest.
  • Show age dropdown / show ages over 18 years - these two options show a slightly different way of collecting ages. 

NOTE.  The current regulations require you to collect the contact details of all guests over the age of 16.

If the Guest login is enabled in your account there are some additional options.  You can choose to just use the Guest Login to collect names.  This is especially useful for Channel bookings where the guest does not go through your website booking form,

Using custom booking fields to collect extra information from guests

You may wish to collect additional information from guests during the booking process.

The following video shows an example of adding a checkbox to your booking form so that guests can confirm their group complies with the current regulations.


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