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How do I amend my Booking Terms and Conditions and my Cancellation Policy?

These are the Terms & Conditions your customers must accept when booking online. The guest cannot submit their booking without ticking to accept your terms and conditions. You can save your Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy, and Privacy Policy here. 

Amending Terms and Conditions

To add or amend your Terms and Conditions, go to Admin > Terms & Conditions. When you have added your Terms and Conditions ensure to press "Update" at the bottom of the page. Note that you do not need to add a privacy policy as this is already in place for you, however you can use your own privacy policy if you prefer to.

Note: If copying/pasting you should always use the "Paste as plain text" area. This will remove any bad coding that may be transferred from another programme.

It is important that you include a clause in your Terms and Conditions to clarify that bookings made through the online booking system are provisional until confirmed.  A contract shall only arise when your booking is subsequently confirmed in writing via a letter of confirmation sent to you by email or post.

Cancellation policy

If you have a Cancellation Policy in your Terms and Conditions, make sure to cover what happens to any monies already taken. You should specify how and when the guest needs to contact you regarding loss of deposit, part or full payment.  

If you are planning to use the Channel manager, please paste the Cancellation Policy and Privacy Policy into the section "plain text". SuperControl will use these plain text sections when it sends out the Privacy Policy or Cancellation Policy via the Channel manager.

When you put a cancellation policy in place, this will show as an additional link on the booking page, so that, when a guest ticks to accept your terms, they clearly also accept the cancellation policy, if you have one in place. If there is no cancellation policy added then the Terms & Conditions link only will display.

Can I hide my Terms & Conditions in the Guest Login?

Yes, you have the option to stop the Terms & Conditions from appearing in the Guest Login, using a check box under Admin- Terms & Conditions. 

How to apply T&C changes to several websites

If you have more than one website and want to change the Terms and Conditions and/or Cancellation policy on all of them, please make sure you tick the Apply to all sites box before clicking Save.

By default any changes will only be applied to the first website listed in Admin > Customisation options.
Or the website listed with Order no 1.


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