Updates for Airbnb channel integration

Update #1 New booking settings for optimising your listing

Within your Airbnb data page (Properties > Edit > Airbnb data > Go), you have a new button called "Booking settings". In here you can specify the following:

  • Guest requirements
  • Pre-booking message
  • House rules
  • Details about your home
Update #2 New Check in options added

Within your Airbnb data page (Properties > Edit > Airbnb data > Go) click on Basic details. Here you have more specific check in options. Whether your property has a smart lock or lock box you can inform the guests about it here.

Update #3 Enter a default price for non-dated searches on Airbnb

If a guest does a non-dated search on Airbnb, you can now specify the base price that you would like to display. Within your Airbnb data page (Properties > Edit > Airbnb data > Go) click on Rates.

If left at 0, then we will use your lowest price for one night.

Update #4 Additional filters for searching your properties that are listed

If you have more than 5 listings then you can now see additional filters in Channel Manager > International > Airbnb.

You can filter by "Stage" and if you have multiple accounts synced to Airbnb you will be able to filter by "Account" also:

Update #5 Create listing validation added

When you click to "Create listing" from SuperControl, a pop-up will display to confirm your location information. Location details are very important otherwise your listing will not be validated by Airbnb. Please check the details and update if necessary then click Yes. This will ensure your property onboarding runs smoothly.

Update #6 Cannot remove photos if number falls below minimum requirement

Airbnb requires a minimum of 7 photos in order to create a listing. If you try and delete photos in SuperControl (via Properties > Edit > Photos) that falls below 7, you will be warned this is not possible.

Update #7 New Send availability options added

You can now choose to send availability from Supercontrol to Airbnb between certain chosen days.

This means you can choose to have a different minimum stay on Airbnb to Supercontrol. 

For example, for guests booking direct through your website you may have a 3 night minimum, but then you want a 7 night minimum for Airbnb.

As shown above please note your minimum on Airbnb cant be lower than your minimum in your property settings.

Update #8 New multilingual description fields added

You can now choose a language to write your description in from the drop down menu.

For example, If you only have your description written in English and a guest was viewing your listing from a different country then google translate would automatically translate all text. Meaning the description isn't actually word for word how you may want it to be read in their language. You can add your descriptions in as many different languages from the drop down so when the guest in that specific country is viewing it, then they will see your version over the translated one.

The country names will remain greyed out until there is a description in there. 


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