Covid-19 Development Updates

In light of the current Coronavirus situation, and its effect on holiday bookings, our developers have been working hard on a number of developments and modifications of existing features to assist SuperControllers in best handling moving bookings, tracking modified bookings, blocking availability and other previously unforeseen tasks.

For a full list of all articles, videos and other material related to Covid-19 admin please click here. This page specifically highlights recent developments and modifications to existing features.  

How to generate vouchers in Bookings

You can issue vouchers to guests so that they can re-book future dates.  

Video: How to generate vouchers in bookings

Voucher Codes will be applied to bookings in the following way:

1. If there is a deposit payment due AND this is less than or equal to the voucher, then we will deduct from the deposit
2. If there is a deposit AND the voucher is greater than the deposit, then no deposit will be due – we zero the deposit and just take a balance
3. If there is no deposit due, then we deduct the voucher from the balance.

How to stop taking Bookings for the next 1-2 months

Our developers have created a new tool, allowing you to easily block availability for a specified time period, with the option either to show as unavailable, or to display a custom message when a guest clicks on a date. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

How to remove auto scheduled emails from future Bookings

You can now easily remove auto emails that are scheduled in existing bookings, either completely, or only for those bookings that fall within a specified range.  This article explains clearly and simply how do do this.

How do I tag or track particular Bookings?

You can use the Customer Ratings function to tag particular bookings, such as bookings where the date has been modified or where a refund has been issued- This Video explains how to do this.

We have added a function in Bookings > Search bookings allowing you to search only bookings with a specific rating. The filter results will now show all bookings with this rating, so you can pull up a list of all bookings that you have modified, so long as that rating was applied to them.

A list of all your cancelled bookings can be found under Bookings- Cancelled Bookings.

How can I send a mass email to my guests?

You have always been able to send mass emails to your guests using the Filter Database function,  however, you can now also send a mass email from within SuperControl- this article and video explain how.

How can I more clearly make my guests accept my Cancellation Policy?

We have added a new link on the tick box for accepting terms on the booking form and payment form, so that, when a guest ticks to accept your terms, they also accept the cancellation policy, if you have one in place. If there is no cancellation policy added then the link will just display as it was before.

Can I hide my Terms & Conditions in the Guest Login?

Yes, you now have the option to hide the terms & conditions from the guest login, using a check box under Admin- Terms & Conditions.


Sharon Earp

Hello, I am just looking at the new provision for the Cancellation Policy. I have written a specific cancellation policy, just the terms and conditions, do you have a n example you could show please? Thank you Sharon

Tobias Parker

Hello Sharon, We don't have a standard T&C to show you, since self-catering businesses T&Cs are rarely 'one size fits all', but if you join the SuperControl Facebook community. several other SC clients have recently shared theirs through that group, which might be useful to you.

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