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New calendar display for availability search

Previously when using the availability search page, by clicking on the View Availability button for the property you were viewing, it would take you to the old style calendars.  For those who are using the new style calendars, the View availability calendar can now take you to the new calendar view.

To learn how to create a new calendar click here.

1. Go to Admin > Integration HTML > click on Calendar Wizard

2. If you have more than one calendar set up you click on Calendar for availability search.  Choose which calendar to display for the availability search and click Save All.

3. If you only have one calendar, this will automatically be used for the availability search.  You can untick this by clicking on Edit next to the calendar in Your saved calendars, and unticking the "Set as default calendar for availability search box".

4. Go to Bookings > Availability Search, select your dates and settings and click Search.

5. Click on "View availability" to view your calendar.


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