Guest login - latest developments

Over the last few months we have been working on My Stay Planner, the in-built Guest Login – modernising the design, mobile optimising and making sure it can be easily accessed by your guests.

The overall functionality of the guest login remains the same. So you can still easily add welcome content, pages and documents via Admin > Guest Login.

 In future we will be adding even more special features, like allowing a guest to pay custom amounts of their booking to spread the cost, and split payments between other guests in the booking…watch this space!

Here is a preview of the new design:

You can easily change the colour scheme for your login to incorporate it to your brand colours – and the layout is much simpler to follow. 

To do this go to Admin > Guest Login > click Edit next to your site and update the colour > Save.

You will also find a clear “Manage my booking” button on your guests booking summary.

Clicking this opens a summary page of the guests booking allowing them to quickly create a login.

New Feature added to collect guest names and e-mails!

If you go to Admin> General details> Website booking form options. First of all you need to tick the option below to collect guest names.

Ticking this box will then provide more options and you will see the the tick boxes below to add extra functions to the guest login. Please make sure that you select "Guest login" from the drop down menu.

Then save at the bottom of the page. This will then automatically show extra fields in the guest login area for the guests to be able to go in and add this extra information, which will then update the booking in Supercontrol.

You will see in the booking if you go to Edit> Guest names; The extra e-mail address and telephone fields will show here. 

You can edit this manually at any time and it will update the guest login also. I.e if you wish to destroy this personal information after time then you can manually delete and click save, this also delete it from the guest login.


Rowan Blewett

Perfect timing, was just looking into alternatives this evening, such as, but will certainly be seeing if the improved guest area is now worth rolling out to our guests. Certainly looks good from the previews shown above so can't wait to try it tomorrow!

Victoria Berryman

I don't get the drop downs for emails and addresses after ticking "Collect guest names on ...." in my website booking form options.

Tobias Parker

Hello Victoria, This option will only appear when the guest login feature is enabled in your account- please contact SuperControl support to enable the guest login feature for your account, then you can use this option.

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