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Managing your Master Cancel Settings

When Master Cancel is successfully activated in your SuperControl account, the page in SuperControl which previously displayed the application form will now show the Master Cancel Settings dashboard.

This will allow you to customize how the Master Cancel fee applies to your existing prices, and also how coverage on provisional bookings is managed.

1. Go to Integrations > Rental Guardian > Settings. 

2. Click Master Cancel and choose whether you would like to add the Master Cancel percentage fee on top of your existing rates ('Add on top of prices') or to incorporate the Master Cancel percentage fee into those rates ('include in prices'). 

You also have the option to specify an additional uplift if you wish. This allows you, if you choose, to partially absorb the Master Cancel Fee. If you wanted, you could therefore choose to include the automatic percentage in your prices, but then uplift by a percentage using the additional uplift option. 

3. You can also choose when coverage is opened on provisional bookings. If you select 'Yes' in the 'Defer Coverage Opening' box, Master Cancel Coverage will only be opened on bookings once some payment has been received on them, meaning that you do not have to manually cancel coverage on provisional bookings that do not pay. Setting this box to 'No' will mean that coverage is opened automatically when a booking is first placed. 

Note that the above step applies only to ADMIN bookings- bookings received through integrated channels should have 25% or more deposit taken at time of booking, so cover will be opened immediately on these bookings. 

4. When you have selected your preferred options, click 'Save'.

SPECIAL OFFERS: If you have Special Offer Prices set-up, these Special Offer prices will always INCLUDE  the Master Cancel percentage within it, even if you have set-up the percentage to normally add on top of your Price Planner prices. The Special Offer price is therefore the price the Guest sees, and pays, and the Master Cancel percentage is taken out of it.


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