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New Vrbo (HomeAway) guaranteed pricing and cancellation reasons added to bookings

All of our owners using Vrbo (HomeAway) through Supecontrol are now part of Homeaway's guaranteed pricing.

Did you know that up to 50% of guests abandon the shopping experience when they see a different price in search results versus the price on the actual property detail page?

What does it mean for you?

The main advantage of guaranteed pricing is increasing booking conversion by up to 10%. It gives you a competitive advantage, since other owners, not part of the guaranteed pricing scheme are likely to have a lower conversion rate than those who are part of it. Potential guests are more likely to click on accommodation that shows the clear and correct price. Your price, the price derived from that in your price planner (along with any optional uplifts)  will be the exact price shown on the search results.

There is also a small new change to your user interface when cancelling a HomeAway booking from within Supercontrol. 

HomeAway now require you to select reason for cancellation from the pop-up box when you click "Cancel" on the booking.


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