New calendar features

Additional property information on grid view

We have added new features to our grid view calendar. When booking, your guests will now be able to preview a short property description and property photo. They will also be able to click the property name which will direct them to that specific property page on your website.

Where do I add this information?

This information is pulled through from SuperControl by default if you have the following content added to your account:

Photo:  Properties>Edit>Photos. The property photo used will either be the first photo uploaded or the "Default" photo if you have ticked this.

Description: Properties>Edit> Web details> Short description.

Link to website page: Properties>Edit>Settings< Scroll to the bottom of the page> Show on websites. Simply add your property page URL linked to that property and tick the box.

Discount notes section for guest notices

We added a feature from our old calendars to our new calendars. Discount notes will now show on the new calendars book now pop-up. This doesn't have to be discount related notes, you can add any text you want to show to your guests to encourage them to book. 

N.B. The notes will not show on custom calendars using the API.

To add discounts notes go to Properties>Edit>Discounts. Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Enter your notice to show to guests and click save.

The guest will choose their start day on the calendar and the book now pop-up will show.

This is how your discount notes show to the guest booking:

Date limited discount notes will also show on the book now pop-up too. (Agency and API users only)
These are found again in Properties>Edit>Discounts. Enter your notice to show to guests, select the date range you want this notice to show and then click save.

Date limited discount notes will show only over the date range you input. If you have discount notes AND date limited discount notes, these can show at the same time. 

If so, the date limited discount notes will show underneath the discount notes on a separate line.

Customisable calendar options

We have added some new settings to our calendars which will allow those of you who have specific changeover days and minimum night stay requirements to alter the messages that display to your guests, therefore stopping any incoming enquiries that are unnecessary and waste your time .

We recorded a short video for you to show you these settings and explain how they work. 


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