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New Rental Guardian Accidental Damage Protection

Rental Guardian Accidental Damage Protection (RDP) provides coverage against accidental damage to the vacation rental property during your guest's stay. RDP in most cases replace the need for a security deposit. When a guest purchases this cover with their booking, the RDP plan covers the guest for up to the specified coverage amount if the property or contents in the property are damaged during the stay. Coverage is subject to the program terms and conditions. Please click here for more information.

Setting up the integration

1. To set up the connection with RentalGuardian, login to your SuperControl account and go to Integrations > Insurance products> Rental Guardian > Settings & Application form

2. Click the Damage Protection Activation Form button.  Please read the contents of this page

We transfer as much data as possible from your SuperControl account to make the onboarding process simple.

Revenue figures

If you have been with SuperControl for more than one year we automatically populate the annual revenue and average booking value fields.

These are based on arrivals in the last 12 months and converted to US Dollars.  You can adjust the data if you don't feel that it truly represents your business.

 Submitting this form does not commit you to anything. 

3. After filling out the form, you should wait for Rental Guardian to process this and if accepted then we will inform you directly when the integration is activated in your account. Once activated please log back into SuperControl, and go to Integrations > Insurance products > Rental Guardian > Settings & Application form.

You will now see new settings available on the page. 

4. First you should choose whether to show or hide the cost of your Damage Protection Cover to guests by selecting from the drop down menu: 

5. Then next you can add in your chosen rates. 

 -First you would add your booking rate. 

-Then you would select the coverage required by Rental Guardian. #

-Now add in the rate to charge the guest based on the booking rent amount you have entered.

You can add in as many lines as you like.. to add a new line click on the "+" box.

A new line will then appear for you to add in more rates, you can add in as many as you choose.

This is the rates per coverage bracket taken by Rental Guardian per booking.

On our interface we have added a conversion reference to these rates to help guide you when deciding what rates you want to set.

6. Once you have added your rates please tick to enable Rental Guardian Damage Protection.

The example below shows that, for bookings with a rental value of up to £500, guests will be charged £50. This would provide you with up to $1000 (£774.75) of accidental damage cover protection and Rental Guardian would take $59 (£45.71).

7. You can now select which properties you wish to apply Damage protection to, you can either enable for all properties or enable for selected properties. Then click save

8.  If you wish to, you can now include details on damage coverage in your terms and conditions. To add this to your Terms and Conditions, in Admin > Terms & Conditions.

RentalGuardian Booking Report

1. Within SuperControl, you can keep track of all the bookings you've taken that include RentalGuardian accidental damage protection. Go to Integrations > Insurance products > Rental Guardian>  Bookings. Here, you can filter by Coverage status, Booking status, Arrival date or Booking dates. Once you have set your parameters click "Filter" to obtain your report.

2. Your report shows all of the below filters as well as a link to the Damage protection certificate. If you click on the certificate link it will open it up in a pop-up. 

You can also click on the booking number and it will take you to the booking, where a link to the certificate is also displayed:

What are the changes between the old and new RentalGaurdian Damage Protection?

We previously had an integration with Rental Guardian damage protection, this has now been updated to a better version for both you and your guests.

Old  > New
Only available to property owners/managers with 10 or more properties.                                                          
> Available to anyone.
Guest can choose when booking to either pay a smaller non-refundable damage cover cost, or a larger refundable security deposit. > Compulsory option added to all bookings, the guest doesn't get a choice. As soon as you enable RDP then the option for security/refundable deposits is disabled in the property settings even if a previous value was added.
A screenshot of a cell phone 
Description automatically generated
If damage cover was chosen by the guest, they would see this option. > You have the choice to show the guest the cover, or hide it from them.
Rental Guardian provided product types that had pre-fixed charges that you selected per coverage bracket. > You can set your own charge for the guest per coverage bracket.
Rental Guardian Damage protection and Rental Guardian Master cancel didn't work together.  > Rental Guardian Damage protection and Rental Guardian Master cancel work together now. 
Damage protection had to be manually added to admin bookings.  > Damage protection will be added by default to admin bookings.  
Damage protection cost wasn't included on channel bookings.  > Damage protection will be included in channel bookings and itemized in the booking in SuperControl.
  • What will happen to my pre-existing bookings before I enabled RDP? RDP will only apply to bookings made on and after the activation date. You will still need to manually manage security/ refundable deposits on your pre-existing bookings.
  • What does it look like on the front end if I choose to show my guests the fee?
  • How do I add it to admin bookings? Damage protection will be added by default to admin bookings.
  • Does it apply to channel bookings? For our two way channel integrations, the cost of damage protection will apply. Although it wont be shown to the guest on the channel, it will be itemized in the booking in SuperControl. 
  • How are payments handled? The guest pays for damage protection at the time of booking. You then pay RentalGuardian for the amount, minus your commission, when invoiced. All payments are handled on the RentalGuardian platform. This will be covered in detail in your training.
  • How do I make a claim? Simply follow the claims link on RentalGuardian will then send a coverage verification letter and coverage documents together with a claims reference number.
  • How long does it take to complete a claim? You have 15 days after guests depart to open a claim. Once opened, you have an additional 45 days to complete the claim.
  • Is this insurance? No, RentalGuardian is different from insurance. It is accidental damage protection (it does not require authorisation from a Financial Advisor).
  • What does it cover? Accidental, unintentional damage to the homeowner's rental unit or its contents during a covered booking. Examples include: accidental broken glassware or lamp, accidental broken furniture, accidental carpet spill, accidental furniture or carpet tear, accidental broken or damaged appliances.
  • Will I be liable for more damage? Evidence from thousands of policies sold by RentalGuardian suggests that damage is not more likely with protection. If it does happen, you have a higher level of cover without having to chase guests or rely on your own insurance. If there is damage, with RentalGuardian, you have peace of mind that you are covered.


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