New Covid-19 postcode checker

This article shows you how you can check guests postcodes from within a booking against Covid-19 government restrictions. 

Within the guest details section of the booking we have added a feature specifically to show you current Covid-19 restrictions within the area of the guests postcode. 

We have added clickable links to the external government postcode checker website for England and Scotland (Wales and Northern Ireland don't have these yet).

As an example, the above booking that’s guests postcode is in Scotland, if  "Scotland" is clicked then it will redirect to the postcode checker and by default it will show guests postcode so you can see the current restrictions within that postcode area:!/DG71BE

After checking the restrictions you can then decide whether you want to confirm/cancel the booking or deal with it as you wish. 

We also added the links to the admin booking page too so that you can check a guest's postcode while making the booking. That way you know if you can accept or reject the booking before submitting it.

Whilst England are currently in lockdown, the redirected website just shows the current lockdown restrictions. When this is lifted and if postcode restrictions come back into place in England then we will add the postcode checker again.


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