Price planner- Latest developments

The price planner can allow you to be as versatile, or as regimented as you want with your pricing. As we are always working to simplify usability in SuperControl as much as possible, we have recently added two new minor developments to make it easier to use and to give you reassurance that what you are adding  exactly what you want to achieve. 

New delete custom start day feature

1. It has always been the case that in Properties> Edit> Settings; You can select specific start days for bookings for each month of the year. This then highlights those selected days on your price planner.

You can also enable or disable any day ad hoc directly from within the price planner by just clicking on the day. You have always been able to do this however the problem was that if you enabled or disabled a day that is not selected as a start day from within the property settings then you couldn't delete the changes you made once you enabled or disabled it.

A ticket would need to be added to our support team and you would have to wait for a response until they deleted it for you We understand that sometimes you need to just make these quick changes with no hassle. 

Watch our short video to see how simple it really is...

Short breaks validation feature

If you have short break prices selected in Properties>Edit>Settings>Short breaks then you need to have short break lines added to your price planner to activate your short breaks to be bookable.

We have had a lot of scenarios where the second step of this process is missed and therefore resulting in a misunderstanding that your calendar is displaying short breaks when it actually isn't. 

To remind you and prompt you every time, we have added a validation alert to the price planner so that if you have short breaks prices in but you haven't activated short breaks then you will be prompted to. 


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