New Arrival and Departure notes

We have changed the Arrivals and Departures time field within the booking from a free text field to a time picker drop down. Due to this change we decided to also add a new free text field so that you can add notes next to the arrival and departure times. 

In the booking if you click the Edit tab, the booking details pop-up will show.

If you are adding notes into the free text fields please be sure to click Save on the bottom of the pop-up.

These notes will show in the following reports:

Charts & Reports

  • Bookings > Charts & Reports > Arrivals & Departures
  • Bookings > Charts & Reports > Cleaners Chart
  • Bookings > Charts & Reports > Housekeeping Report
  • Bookings > Charts & Reports > Bulk Housekeeping Report


  • Arrival & Departure Report
  • Daily Report

We have also created an e-mail tag so if necessary you can pull these into an e-mail or SMS template.


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