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Airbnb new API upgrade- New features included

We're pleased to share that SuperControl has implemented Airbnb's new REST APIs. The new API includes several benefits, but most importantly, super speedy update times. This means when you update your listing in your SuperControl account, it will now instantly update in Airbnb! The REST API is imperative to the inner workings of our system. While the Airbnb integration settings and pages look similar, the connection between Airbnb and SuperControl is much improved. We're pleased to share several new features designed to enhance your visibility and maximise bookings: 

Explore the information below to learn more about these new features, how to implement them and what they mean for you.  

New Pet Fee feature

Airbnb have introduced the ability for you charge pet fee's to your bookings.

Airbnb have certain limitations around Pet fee's that come from SuperControl. These are as follows: 

  • Airbnb will always allow 0-5 pets to be selected when the guest is making a booking if your listing is set to Pets allowed. If you only allow a certain number of pets, or a specific type of pet only i.e Only 1 small dog, then Airbnb recommend adding this in text to your listing description.
  • Pets fees are charged per stay and not per pet selected. 

To set up an Airbnb pet fee in SuperControl follow these steps:

1. Go to Integrations> Channel Manager> International> Airbnb. Click the property reference of the property you want to add a fee to.

2. If your listings are full content from SuperControl then go to the Booking settings tab and under House Rules select "Pets Allowed". If your listings are Rates & Availability only then go to the Rates tab and under Cleaning fee select "Pets Allowed".

Full content users:

Rates and Availability users:

As your content is being controlled in Airbnb you must make sure you have set Pets allowed in Airbnb before sending a pet fee from SuperControl otherwise it will not work.

3. You can now either choose to enter a new custom value for your pet fee, or you can assign a fee if you already have it set up in SuperControl under Properties> Booking extras.

In this example there is already a booking extras set-up called "Dog".

If entering a custom value just type the amount in:

Remember to click save!

This will update Airbnb almost instantly so you can go and take a look on your listing.

Please note that the Pet fee is not itemised separately in the price shown to the guest by Airbnb its just included in the overall price.

You can check your pet fee by first of all choosing guests and no pets, then checking the price, then going back to add a pet and seeing the price change.

Full content users will also see the saved pet fee is shown under the "Rates" tab as well so that all of your fee related items on Airbnb are shown in one place, which you can edit from here too if you wish to.

New Wifi settings

You can add your Wifi name and password to your listing for your guests. It will show in the amenities section.

1. To do this go to Integrations> Channel Manager> International> Airbnb. Click the property reference of the property you want to add the Wifi info to.  

2. Under the Basic details tab you will see Wifi name and Wifi password fields.

Enter your details and save at the bottom of the page.

If you don't have Wifi enabled as an amenity you need to enable this first to be able to enter your details.

3. For this information to then be seen by your guests you need to follow this next step if you haven't done so already. Airbnb have introduced a new Wifi verification process, you need to follow the steps here. The verification process tests your Wifi speed and adds the speed results to your listing page, you can help guests decide whether your place suits their needs. Check out Airbnb's help guide for full info here

New Scenic Views feature (Full content only)

You can now select scenic views from your property and these will show under the property amenities.

1. To add these go to Integrations> Channel Manager> International> Airbnb. Click the property reference of the property you want to add the scenic views to.  

2. Under the Basic details tab scroll down to Views.

3. Tick the Views and save at the bottom of the page.

This is how they will display on your listing:

New Non-refundable rate discount feature (Full content only)

Airbnb now enable you to set a non-refundable discount rate and give your guests a choice between a refundable booking or a non-refundable booking.

To add a non-refundable rate to your listings:

1. Go to Integrations> Channel Manager> International> Airbnb. Click the property reference of the property you want to add the non-refundable rate discount to.  

2. Go to the Boking settings tab, choose your discount rate from the drop down menu and save at the bottom of the page.

This is how it looks to the guest:

New Preparation time feature

Airbnb enable you to set automatically blocked availability before and after bookings for preparation time. For instance, you may require a 48-hour window between guests for enhanced cleaning. 

1. To do this go to Integrations> Channel Manager> International> Airbnb. Click the property reference of the property you want to add preparation time to.  

2. Under the Availability tab click on the Preparation time drop down menu, you can choose between the settings available then save at the bottom of the page. 

This will apply to new bookings made from the date of change. 

New 16+ capacity pricing feature

If you allow 16+ capacity for your property(s) and have per person pricing in SuperControl, previously Airbnb always took the maximum capacity price (16 person price) regardless of how many guests were selected. Now you can choose which per person price to send for 16+ guests. 

1. To do this go to Integrations> Channel Manager> International> Airbnb. Click the property reference of the property you want to alter capacity pricing for.  

2. Under the Rates tab go the Send rates for setting and select 16+.

3. You will now see a new setting automatically appear underneath. From the drop down you can select which price you want to use from your per property pricing in your price planner for the 16+ price. 

4. Save at the bottom of the screen. This will update to Airbnb almost instantly.

New property location improvements

Previously there were some complications with the way Airbnb listed the property address on some listings due to the textual address being different from the Latitude/Longitude. 

1. We have added a new pin map for you to fine tune the location of your property before it is sent to Airbnb. When onboarding new properties you should check/move the pin so that it sits where your property is on the map. 

You will find the "Location" tab under the Airbnb data page for each listing if you go to Integrations>Channel manager> International> Airbnb> Click on the property reference> Location. Or alternatively, Properties>Edit>Airbnb Data> Location.

2. Your Latitude and Longitude should already be populated automatically if you have an address in your property settings. All you need to do is move the pin to the exact point of where your property is and click Save. 

2. You wont be able to move the pin outside the circumference of the circle to save personal error. You can also only edit the address or move the pin before the property goes live, once live you can't change it. 

As part of the new API integration Airbnb have also introduced new character limits on property name and listing descriptions. Read below to find out more..

New content character limit restrictions (Full content only)

If your Airbnb property name or Listing description exceeded the new limits when this change went live an alert was added to your SuperControl account with the detail. 

Airbnb has recently made notable updates on how you position your properties on its platform. The booking channel has added new character limit restrictions to property names and descriptions. From the 5th of July 2022, the new limit will be 50 characters (max) for the Property name and 500 characters (max) for the property Listing description. 

If your account has been detected as exceeding these limits you will see in your account under Integrations > Channel manager > International > Airnbnb that you have warning messages asking you to update your listing.

Simply click "Fix" and it will take you to the Description tab of the Airbnb data page of that property where you will need to trim your property name and/or description to meet the expected limit.

Your listing is not affected whilst these errors appear, it just means that if you make an update in the property name or listing description field before meeting the character limit then these changes won’t update in Airbnb.

Why has Airbnb made this change?

Airbnb are focusing on listing optimisation. They are aiming for hosts to utilise their description categories to better structure the appearance of listings. 

In SuperControl under the Airbnb data page for each property in the Description tab you will see the different categories..

Airbnb is encouraging its property providers to split descriptions into these categories. They display each category under specific headers to make your listing more attractive and therefore help booking conversion, which can never be a bad thing! 

The categories are as follows:

  • The space: Provide information about what makes your space unique. 
  • Guest access: Let guests know what parts of the space they can access.  
  • Guest interaction: Tell guests if you’ll be available to offer help during their stay. 
  • Neighbourhood: Let guests know what your neighbourhood is like and what makes it unique. 
  • Getting around: Tell guests if your listing is close to public transport (or far from it). You should also mention parking options if applicable.  
  • House rules: List the rules of your property.  
  • Other things to note: Let guests know about further notable details that might impact their stay. 

You can also check out Airbnb's help article here on a guide to writing for your listing.


Airbnb have changed their main search page, how do I get my properties to show in the new categories?

Airbnb has recently updated its homepage layout, with property categorisation taking centre stage.  

So, how do you appear in searches for these new categories? 

Homes in each category go through a formal curation process. Airbnb evaluates millions of active listings using machine learning to analyse titles, descriptions, photo captions, and guest reviews. It’s important to ensure your listing info is up to date and complete. Your listing can appear in multiple categories.  

If your house with a big kitchen is a few minutes from a lake, your listing may appear in the Chef’s Kitchen Category and the Lake Category—in addition to search results for its destination. Here are four things you can do to make your listing shine: 

1. Highlight what makes the place unique with high-quality photos. Descriptive pictures taken by a pro or smartphone can help the listing appeal to guests. 

2. Review the list of amenities and features—and check for anything new. Add everything the place currently offers, keeping in mind popular amenities guests want, so it ends up in the relevant categories. 

3. Take the Wi-Fi speed test. Reliable internet access can reassure guests that they’ll be able to work and communicate online as needed during their stay. 

4. Consider whether your listing is accessible to all travellers. Add photos and details of accessibility features, such as step-free entrances and wide doorways, that make it inviting to guests with diverse needs. 

For even more new features and insight into Airbnb's recent updates take a look at their 2022 summer release highlights.

Airbnb also shared some helpful articles with us below around optimizing your listings and improving your host quality all round!


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