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Administrating Booking Extras

You may charge for extras on your bookings whether it be a default booking fee you would like to be added automatically on every booking or an optional extra like champagne on arrival for an extra cost. You can add these to specific property/s and at specific times too, For example a hot-tub extra only available for the summer months. They can be chargeable added extras or non-itemized default extras. If chargeable they can either be added by the guest at booking stage or via admin at any stage of the booking. (If you are using our guest login function the guest can also add these extras on at any time between booking and arrival date.) 

How do I allocate a booking extra onto a booking?

If your Booking extras are already set-up then you can follow the steps below to see how to allocate them to a booking. If they are not already set-up you can click here to see how to set them up.

1. First you need to navigate to the booking.

2. If you know the booking number you can enter this in the booking number search in the top right of the SuperControl pages.

You can also go to Bookings > Grid view. Once you load your grid you can click on the booking to take you into the main area for that booking OR you can go to Bookings > Search bookings and use the filter options to find your booking.

3. Once you’re in the booking, click ‘Edit’, then click on ‘Booking Extras’. Here you can select or remove any options from the booking by amending the quantity. Then click ‘Save’.

You can also add a custom extra to a booking as a one off without the need to set it up elsewhere.

Click here to see how to add these.


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