Guest Communications

You can manage guest correspondence from within SuperControl. From adding/editing e-mail templates and setting them up to send out automatically to guests or sending them manually from within a booking. Although ad hoc replies will be sent from your own mail system, all replies will be logged in the History and Correspondence tab of every booking in SuperControl. 

Click here to see all of our help articles and videos on how to manage guest e-mails and auto correspondence.


If you are not already using My Stay Planner, the guest login function on your account, we would definitely recommend this. It's a great way for your guests to access their booking and edit personal details, pay off any outstanding balances, add on any extras you offer and more. To find out how to set this up and to see all of our guest login FAQs click here.

Have you added your e-mail address that you will be replying to guests from in Admin> General Details> E-mail addresses for automatic filing?

This will automatically log all of your ad hoc replies to your guests sent from your personal e-mail, within SuperControl under the History and Correspondence tab in the booking.

Are you using Airbnb? 

If so you can send automatic e-mails from within SuperControl to the Airbnb guests, and more.

How to Manage guest correspondence on Airbnb. 


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