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Tactical pricing: Discounts, Special Offers and Vouchers

There are a few different ways you can use tactical pricing in Supercontrol.

To benefit your guests by using and giving them Discounts, Special offers and Vouchers. This is a good way to market your property.

Please click here to see all of our tactical pricing help guides which include training videos.


Denise Camara-Johnson

have a pdf manual you can download, time consuming clicking in and out of each section. also in GAmbia internetncanbe iunstable so having pdf document iessential if power is down for reading and training purposes

Tobias Parker

We don't have a PDF version of the Help Centre, since it is being constantly improved, updated and amended as new features are introduced. It is however possible to save web pages for offline reading- just google instructions on how to do this for the browser you are using.

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