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Reaching out to your customers using your database

Its important to have the function to be able to connect to a large audience, your database is something you may have been potentially building for years.

Here's a few handy articles on how to utilize this.

How can I import all my guest details into Supercontrol?

If you’re new to SuperControl and you want to import your guest database into SuperControl follow these steps. The document should be created in Excel which will allow you to save the file in the correct format.

1. Ensure your data is formatted to the exact requirements from the table below.

  • The columns should match and be listed in the same order as below.
  • The columns must be filled in as much as possible. If any columns are blank you will need to add a blank space.
  • You must use a specific data type for the ISO country codes and Subscribed fields. See notes below.
Field name Data type Notes

First name Character

Last name Character

Email address

Address line 1

Address line 2



Post code

Two letter ISO country code
You must use the appropriate  "ALPHA 2" ISO country code. Click here to find the correct code.
Alt Telephone
Mobile telephone
Subscribed Enter the subscription ID. If multiple subscription options have been ticked, they can be separated by a comma eg. 123, 456
You can find your subscription options within "Admin subscription options".

If you haven't added these before your import make sure you add them first so you can obtain the ID's required for the import.
Your ref



Note: You should not include the column headings, these are shown in the example for clarity.

2. Once you have your spreadsheet formatted correctly go to File > Save as > From the “Save as type” drop down select Text (Tab delimited) and click Save.

3. In SuperControl go to Database > Import records.

4. Click Choose file and select your Tab delimited file and click Open.

5. Click Upload.

6. Click Proceed with Import.

7. If you don’t receive any errors then you have successfully imported your guest records.

Once you have content to send out whether it be a voucher or discount to market, property advertisement etc. you will want to mailshot this to your database.

Please click here to follow the steps on mass sending of emails to your database.

You may have a few different subscription options and want to filter them out to send different mail shots to your database:

How can I filter my database by subscription option?

1. Go to Database > Filter.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tick what subscription options to filter by:

3. Click Filter.

4. Click Download


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