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Paying Owners (Agency only)

We would also advise that for your first few end of month payment runs, that you pay your owners individually to make sure are clear on the process and that the financials are sitting correctly. Once you are used to the process you can move on to bulk payments to save time!

Written instructions on how to pay your owner individually:

1. Go to Agency > Commission statement.

2. Click Statement against your chosen owner.

3. Scroll through your payments and ensure everything you wish to pay to the owner is ticked within the “Mark paid” column.

4. The tick boxes will create a payment amount for you at the top of the page.

Do not manually amend the payment amount as it will auto-calculate the payment amount based on the payments ticked within the statement.

5. Ensure “Payment to owner” is selected and enter a caption e.g. “August payment”, then enter a payment reference and the date you are paying the owner.

6. Click Save.

7. All payments that were ticked will now become masked out as they are now paid. The payments will display in your statement like this:

8. Now you need to physically pay the owner the money they are owed.

9. Then you can e-mail the owner and attach the statement to notify them of the transaction being made. Do this by selecting your e-mail statement template from the drop down list. (This should have been created in Emails/Letters.)

10. Click Generate

11. Make sure you attach the PDF or Excel or both documents to the e-mail before clicking send.

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