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Airbnb business verification for Super Strict cancellation policy

Airbnb has made a change regarding accounts with Super Strict Cancellation policy. Airbnb shared the following information with us advising the action you need to take. If you need any help to complete this process, please contact Airbnb (not SuperControl).


If you are using this cancellation policy, please follow the links below to get your account verified

This is a compulsory step Airbnb has put in place and it is important to verify your account as soon as possible.

** You must log into your Airbnb account - this process cannot be completed within SuperControl.** 

Nb: We strongly recommend that either the legal representative or business owner listed in the Business Account Verification flow verifies the Airbnb account.

How do I complete these two verification steps?

You’ll be able to select a Super Strict cancellation policy after you complete two verification steps related to your Airbnb account:

1. To verify your business account, follow these instructions (log into your Airbnb account to view):

2.To verify your identity as a representative of a business, follow these instructions: When you have logged into Airbnb you will see this screen: 

Q. When I try to complete the Business Verification Process, I get a request to enter my Registration number, but I am a small business owner and do not have a Registration number. I can't proceed without entering something in this field. What should I do?

A: If you are a small business owner without a Registration number, you can still complete this process and access our Super Strict policies by taking the following steps:

  • On the page that requests a Registration number, click "Back."
  • From the resulting page, select the "No, that doesn't sound like me" option.
  • Follow the flow to verify your identity.

Q. I never had to go through this process before in order to select Super Strict cancellation policies. Why do I have to do this now?

A. For safety and security purposes, Airbnb is asking all our software connected hosts to take additional verification steps for Airbnb accounts at this time. This is an essential process to help ensure that Airbnb can securely partner with your sotware provider. Nb:  We strongly recommend that either the legal representative or business owner listed in the Business Account Verification flow verifies the Airbnb account.

Q. Will I have to do this every time I want to select the Super Strict cancellation policy for a new listing moving forward?

A. No, you only need to complete this type of account verification once. After you have successfully verified your account, you can select the Super Strict cancellation policies within your software program for any listings that you send to Airbnb.

Q. I’ve already verified my identity with Airbnb. Why do I have to do this again?

A. We’re asking software connected hosts to take additional steps to securely verify their identities on Airbnb. This is to help ensure that only legitimate businesses can access our Super Strict cancellation policies.

Q. Can’t you just bypass this requirement for me?

A. We [Airbnb] are happy to walk you through the step-by-step verification process, so that you understand it and can ask questions along the way. However, our team cannot override this requirement, which has been implemented within the highest level of our Trust and Safety workflow.

Q. I don’t want to share this type of information with Airbnb. Can I still create new listings and continue hosting?

A. Absolutely. You are welcome to create new listings and to continue to host, but any new listings will only be eligible for one of our more traditional cancellation policies (flexible, moderate, or strict).

Q. When I click the Business Account Verification link from the email I was sent, it just takes me to my Airbnb dashboard. Is there anything else I need to do?

A. If you’ve already completed the process of Business Account Verification, or if you have started but not completed the process, you may not see the intended automated pop-up when you click the link contained in the email.

Once you’re directed to your Airbnb dashboard via the link, you may see a banner with a pink button that says, “add business account.” Clicking that button should allow you to initiate the process of verifying your business account. If you don’t see the “add business account” link, another way to check your business account verification status is to navigate to the following page: Airbnb Homepage → Profile circle in upper right-hand corner → Account → Settings.

Under “Company Account” you’ll see a detailed form to fill out. If it’s already complete, it’s likely you’ve already submitted the form - but you’re welcome to submit again just in case. If the form has been partially filled out, please complete and submit it.


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