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Integrating your TripAdvisor account with SuperControl

NOTE: TripAdvisor is not onboarding any new customers until further notice.
If you have already properties connected to them, please contact them directly via to check, if they can onboard you. TripAdvisor may require a minimum number of properties as a prerequisite of listing with them 

IMPORTANT: Before you start...


When sending your initial integration request email to TripAdvisor it is vital that you state you DO NOT want photos and content to be pulled from SuperControl.   This will avoid existing listings in TripAdvisor being overwritten with content pulled from SuperControl.

New to TripAdvisor - Sign up first...

1. If you have FIVE or more properties.

Click here: and submit your information.

2. If you have FEWER than FIVE properties: 

Click here to register:

Then email with your TripAdvisor account ID and SuperControl account ID to request software connection

Please note: Accounts with FIVE or fewer listings will not have a Trip Advisor property manager.

Contact information:

Tech support:

Account manager for existing property management accounts:

Sales team:

Already list on TripAdvisor? See below...

Please email with TripAdvisor account ID and SuperControl account ID to request new software connection, so they can connect the two systems.  Remember to also state that you do not want photos and content to be pulled from SuperControl (see red warning box at the top of this article).

1. Log into TripAdvisor and go to Listings > Preferences:.

If you can't see the Preferences (in TripAdvisor) it means you have not completed the connection yet. 

Under this header,  please only change the Calendar, Base rate and Seasonal rate to YES if you do not want any additional content to be sent to TripAdvisor.

2. Then log into SuperControl, go to Integrations > Channel manager > International > TripAdvisor rentals

Under the TripAdvisor Rentals Settings header - please check these settings match your requirements.

Please note:
The Property description will only be forwarded from SuperControl to TripAdvisor during the initial connection setup.
Afterwards it needs to be amended on TripAdvisor directly.

3.  You then need to enable the property, enter in your TripAdvisor "Account ref" and TripAdvisor "Listing ref" for each property (you can find these numbers in your TripAdvisor account under Listings>All Listings). There is no save button, changes are saved automatically.

Note, the Account reference section is usually the same for all properties unless there is more than one TripAdvisor account connected, so you can click on the arrow next to the first property at the top of the list to copy it to all properties. 

4. If you want to push photos and content from SuperControl to your TripAdvisor listing then please contact our Client Relationship team by raising a help ticket and they can ensure you have everything in place. 

Please note it can take one minute for the booking to come through in the system.

Default options will be listed separately in the booking.

TripAdvisor commission will also be listed. The final property total is the amount TripAdvisor will pay you during arrival time of the booking.

Please note:
The first THREE bookings received in TripAdvisor after signing up will need to be accepted within TripAdvisor directly before they are being forwarded to SuperControl.


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