Holidu integration


Holidu’s mission is to make searching and booking of vacation rentals easy.

They are a search engine for vacation rentals with over 15 million listings and over 12 million visitors a month, the majority from Europe and in particular the German-speaking market. They have 21 live domains across the world and use state of the art photo recognition software to compare properties across hundreds of partners’ platforms to offer the user the best deal.

By partnering with Holidu, you can improve your brand identity, since, unlike other OTAs,  your logo will be clearly displayed, ensuring the customer knows they are booking with you directly. 

In order to be successful with Holidu, you need to supply your best price to ensure that you appear in their search results. 

To list on Holidu you must have a minimum of 20 properties.

How can I contact Holidu?

If you are interested in showcasing your properties on Holidu, please complete this integration form

How do I enable the connection in Supercontrol?

You can enable the connection by going to Integrations > Channel manager > International > Holidu and click Enable the integration.

You can then email Holidu your Account ID (Client ID) and SiteID, found on the Holidu integration page.

What is the commission/ percentage model?

Holidu work on a commission of 12% based on the net nightly rate, excluding extra costs such as cleaning fee.

Invoices will be sent by Holidu the following month to you for all check-ins made the previous month.

Are there any specific requirements for listing with them?

To list on Holidu, clients must have a minimum of 20 properties in their portfolio and have them set to be directly bookable. Properties set on 'enquiry only' cannot be listed on their platform.

What cancellation policies are available?

Holidu offer varying levels of cancellation policy in their integration application form, but if these are not suitable or you have a very specific cancellation policy, you must inform them so they can use these details for the configuration.

  1. It is also at this point that you should let them know if you would like your own terms and conditions to be used rather than the default Holidu option.
  2. This will give them all the basic relevant information required for them to make sure you meet the criteria for listing your properties on Holidu.
  3. However, this does not give them individual property details, but a general overview of your portfolio.
What are the steps for listing my properties on Holidu?

Once the cancellation policy has been agreed, the following process is followed:

1. Following the completion of the integration form Holidu will send you the contract agreement which needs to be electronically signed for them to proceed with integration.

2. On completion of the agreement, they will begin the integration which includes creating internal Holidu client ID numbers.  This is done on a weekly basis.  If the cut off on a Monday is missed, then the IDs are released to them the following week.  

At this stage you can enable the connection in Supercontrol and you need to send Holidu your Account ID and Site ID.

Once both the integration is enabled, properties pushed and internal Holidu ID released, they would begin the configuration. 

3. After this step, the properties appear automatically on their testing stages within 48 hours.

Holidu will then do some testing to ensure details are correct including prices, photos, facilities, calendar syncronisation and to ensure the prices match between the search page and the details page and complete some test bookings to ensure that both the client receives the confirmation and they receive the internal booking record.

4. If everything is OK from here, they would then put the properties live which would take no more than 48 hours.

You will also receive a confirmation email to confirm this along with a link to see your properties on Holidu.

The properties are then able to be viewed by potential customers to book your properties.

Can I uplift my prices if I connect to Holidu?

Yes, you can add an uplift once the connection has been enabled.

Will discounts feed through?

Yes, discounts will feed through including occupancy based ones (eg.the  low occupancy discount).

Will all my properties feed through to their site?

Yes, however, if you only wish to share just a few properties to start with, you can add a mock website within your account (Admin > Customisation options), then share this SiteID with them.

How will be guest payments handled?

Communications and payments are managed directly with the guest.


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