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How do I sync my existing Airbnb Listing with SuperControl?

** Please note, setting up this integration enables Instant Booking on Airbnb **

This article provides instructions for listing a property in SuperControl with an existing Airbnb listing (a 'Rate & Availability only' connection). For instructions on creating a new Airbnb listing using property information in SuperControl, see this companion article

Once connected to a third-party Property Management System such as SuperControl, Airbnb will move your listings to their 'Host-only' Fee structure. You can however account for this by setting an uplift for for your connected listings. For more information, click Here.

IMPORTANT- Once your existing Airbnb listing is integrated with SuperControl, any dates you have blocked as Closed/Unavailable on Airbnb (i.e. dates that are not actually blocked by actual Airbnb bookings but are closed/not available in their calendars), these dates will become available for bookings via Airbnb. If you need these dates to remain blocked, simply add 'Property Closed' bookings in SuperControl for these dates, prior to starting the integration process. Instructions on doing this can be found Here.

1. Go to Integrations > Channel manager > International > Airbnb.

Click "Connect with Airbnb".

Note: You need to make sure that you're logged out off Airbnb or logged into the right account as it follows the same process as first connecting.  You will click authorise and then will need to grant access in Airbnb which will then redirect back to SuperControl. 

Now click the Settings button to add your default listing settings:

The key settings you need to complete here (this will prevent you having to add to every individual property once you have integrated):

More Info/Tips:

 Adding your uplift: If you need some guidance on exactly what your uplift should be then use our handy uplift calculator below:

Cleaning fee: This is a fee which will be itemised to guests in their Airbnb booking. You should use this as an additional fee (not included in your default booking extras). If this is included in your default booking extras/you tick to send default booking extras to Airbnb then you will essentially be charging the guest twice. 

Send default booking extras: If ticked this will include ALL your default booking extras in the rates sent to Airbnb. These extras won't be itemised to guests but will be in the booking you receive into your account. If you have default extras specifically set up for Airbnb (see our Pre-Integration guide for more info) and only wish to send these, you should leave this unticked. 

Send security deposit: The security deposit never really gets "taken" with Airbnb. It's just a value that is set aside to be able to be claimed against via the Resolution Centre in Airbnb should you need to. 

Update: It is now possible to connect to Airbnb Luxe accounts.

Please note: Only "Rates and availability only" connections are supported.

Important: You MUST enable booking webhooks to ensure there is no caching delay for availability updates.  Please follow the below instructions to ensure this is set up before beginning the sync.

In the Channel manager click onto Manage Accounts. A new page will open.

Once there you want to click the 'Authorise' button in the 'Booking Webhooks' column:

2. Go back into the channel manager and click Next to your chosen property click "Start".

3. To link your existing Airbnb listing, tick "Rates & Availability only".
This will exclude any content information from SuperControl being sent.

4. Once your Airbnb default settings have been copied you are moved to the "Validated" section. If there is any data missing in SuperControl a warning message will appear. Click "Fix" to enter all missing information.

5. Once the information has been added - if all information has been added you can click "Create Listing".

6. Once the property has been "Approved" click "Publish". You will then be prompted to log in to Airbnb.

7. Once logged in to your Airbnb portal you will see your existing listings on the left hand side and your new listing on the right hand side

8. Click 'Merge Listings' on the bottom right.

9. This will bring up a pop up with Merge pricing and availability and the number of listings you are merging. Click 'Merge Listings'

10. Your listing will now be published and you can see this as the listing will show as connected under sync status on your listing page in Airbnb

11. This short video illustrates the process within Airbnb. 


When the account sync is complete, between SuperControl ad Airbnb, various parts of the Admin view in your Airbnb account become redundant, since they are replaced by a direct feed from SuperControl. This includes the Admin-view Calendar in Airbnb. You may see old, redundant pricing here, but this is not a problem. It is no longer functional, and so these prices will not be quoted  to Guests. To see the pricing being shown to Guests, check the guest-facing calendars on your actual listing. These should display the pricing from your SuperControl planner, with any uplifts and default extra amounts applied if these have been set-up. 

For more information on how to make the most of your Airbnb listing watch this webinar.


Lulu Benson

This page does not explain how to input amenities. I have more than the requisite 5, but this is not recorded.

Tobias Parker

The allocation of Airbnb amenities is covered in the companion article to this one:

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