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How to disable a property listed on Holidu

If you need to only list some of your properties on Holidu or want to disable some of them, please be aware that there is no direct way to do this.

Instead, please do the following:

Log into SuperControl and go to Admin > Customisation options
Here you will see your web site(s) and their Site IDs listed.

You need to provide Holidu with a Site ID that is either not being used any longer or simply made up and doesn't lead to a real web page.

If you can enter a further web site, please enter a name in the grey box at the bottom of the list. Then click Save

Should you not see the gray part in the table, please contact SuperControl Support for assistance.

You might want to call the new site something like Holidu - enabled or similar. Something that makes it clear that this siteID is being used for the enabling / disabling of properties on Holidu.

Once the new Site ID has been created, go to Properties > Edit > Go (to the right of any property) > scroll to the bottom of the page.
Tick the box before the Holidu entry.
Repeat this for all properties you want to list on Holidu.

Make sure you provide Holidu with this newly created siteID, if you originally provided them with a different one.

Provide this Site ID to Holidu.
As now only properties that have this site ticked will be displaying on Holidu you can easily enable / disable properties.


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