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How to connect to Atraveo

As you need to copy paste information from Atraveo into SuperControl and vice versa it's best to have both open in different browser tabs or browser windows at the same time.

1) Log into your SuperControl account and go Integration > Channel manager > International > Atraveo
2) Copy the property reference into the box with the heading Your property no.

Make sure you click Save at the bottom of the page before continuing.

3) Click onto the Copy SuperControl ID link or highlight the number you just pasted into the field and copy it.

4) Log into your Atraveo account
5) In the left hand side menu click onto My properties

6) In the list of your properties, click onto Edit (the blue pencil)

7) In order to assign the property ID from SuperControl to the corresponding property in Atraveo click the Description tab.

You'll need to paste the SuperControl ID for this property into the field with the heading  Your own property ID of the holiday accommocation

8) Go to the SuperControl browser tab or browser window.
9) Highlight and copy the URL  (web address) in the field under the heading Atraveo interface URL 

10) Go to the Atraveo website click Interfaces in the left hand side menu.

Make sure, you are in the Availability interface tab.

11) Paste the URL into the field with the heading You can store a link to your availability interface here.

12) Click Save (greenish button on the right)

Please note: Atraveo and TUI do not use the same codes. You cannot use an Atraveo code for TUI and vice versa.


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