Reach a new audience of travellers

City-based, young professionals use Staze to book their regular UK getaways. We help you reach this key demographic of millennial, mobile-first travellers.

Generate new demand for your properties

There are brilliant places across the UK that guests just don’t know about! Staze inspires guests to stay in new destinations helping you to fill those pesky late gaps in the calendar.

Why list your properties on Staze?

  • You can turn unsold nights into profitable bookings by listing your properties on the Staze, the most loved last-minute staycation app in the UK.
  • Attract a new audience of travellers. Frequent-travelling, mobile-first millennials use Staze to book their getaways.
  • Take last-minute bookings with peace of mind. Every Staze guest has had their ID verified and each booking comes with a £500 deposit guarantee.
  • The price you set is the payment you get. It’s free to list on Staze and they handle the payments. They charge their commission to the guest.
  • Next 14 days only. Guests can only see the next 14 days of availability, meaning that Staze wont interfere with your longer lead time bookings.
  • Two-way connection. Staze syncs your content, rates & availability from Supercontrol, meaning you can get listed in seconds and there’s no upkeep required.

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