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How do I list my properties on Staze?

Click here to see an introduction and find out more on Staze.

This integration is a two way API connection.

From SuperControl we send:

  • Rates; Including default extras, SuperControl discounts and late availability discounts specifically for Staze.
  • Availability
  • All static content; Properties, capacity, room & bed configurations, photos, Amenities & all web descriptions.

1. To connect with Staze go to Integrations> Channel Manager> International> Staze:

2. Fill out the onboarding request form, making sure to complete your contact details. You must read and accept their terms and conditions. For the bank account in which you will receive payments for bookings, enter your details in the required fields. 

3. You will see there is a discounts table with defaults set. You can manually edit these if you wish to however this is what is recommended by Staze for a better chance of booking turnover. Once happy with your completed form click "Sign up to Staze." This will send a notification to the team at Staze.

4. You will see once your request has been sent. Next, to speed up the onboarding process, you should also tick to enable which properties you want to be listed with Staze and click Save. This will release your property data in the API feed so when Staze pick up your request they can also view your property information and gather what they need to accept you listing on their website. 

Now you simply need to wait to hear back from Staze so they can discuss contractual terms and agreements with you.  They will be able to tell you when your properties have gone live on their website.


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