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How do I set up the TUI Wolters integration?

Our integration is a two-way connection that syncs your availability between TUI Ferienhaus and SuperControl. It will also send bookings from TUI to your SuperControl account.

Step 1 Go to Integrations > Channel Manager > International > Wolters TUI

Log in to SuperControl and click on "Wolters TUI" in the Channel manager.

Step 2 Fill out the application form

Follow this link to fill out the application form.  A member of staff from the TUI Group will get in touch to discuss your contract, and the conditions of contract.

Step 3 Paste your property code into the Service Code box

When your contract is finalised, TUI will create a property code for each of your properties. You need to paste this code into the "Service Code" box, next to the relevant property. You also need to tell TUI your Property ID for each property you wish to list (this is the number to the left of the property name on your property list).

Please note: TUI and Atraveo do not use the same codes. You cannot use a TUI code for Atraveo and vice versa.

Step 4 Receive a login for the TUI website

Once your properties are online on the TUI website, you'll receive a login for the TUI website, where you'll be able to see a list of your bookings, cancellations, latest marketing activities etc.  The TUI connection to SuperControl will show availability only. Prices will be set separately when you onboard with TUI.  You can choose to set your prices in GBP or EUR. 


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