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Airbnb: Introduction and FAQ

Launched in San Francisco in 2008 after its founders rented out an airbed in their spare room, Airbnb now has more than two million listings across 190 countries. The number of guests booking on Airbnb has risen from 21,000 in 2009 and was more than 40 million by 2015. It’s a good time to list on Airbnb because the word from them is that traveller demand presently outstrips accommodation supply.

We have a fantastic two-way integration and full booking integration with Airbnb, enabling SuperControllers to manage their Airbnb listings directly from their SuperControl account.

Our connection with Airbnb means you can:

  • Sync your existing listings with rates and availability only, or create new, full content Airbnb listings using your SuperControl data.
  • Accept live online bookings. Nb. This integration enables Instant Book on AirBnB only.
  • Get your properties directly in front of the 100 million+ guests who book with Airbnb worldwide.

It’s free to list your properties on Airbnb. Depending on how strict your cancellation policy is, Airbnb takes a percentage fee from (+ VAT) of each booking.


What is Instant Book on Airbnb?

When SuperControl is integrated with Airbnb, bookings made on Airbnb are managed on a setting called Instant Book.  With Instant Book, guests confirm their reservation right away without approval from the host/owner. On SuperControl bookings are provisional until you confirm with the guest, but on Airbnb the booking is confirmed and payment is made when the guest makes a booking. Look for the button on your Airbnb listing that says "Instant Book". 


Benefits of Instant Book:

  • You do not need to respond to each request.
  • Guests can plan their trip and make a booking instantly.
  • Using Instant Book can positively affect your response rate and so works towards improving your search results placement. 
  • To obtain Superhost status on Airbnb you need a 90% response rate. Instant Book can help you reach that status.

Even if your property is normally set as 'Enquiry Only' on SuperControl, using the full integration with SuperControl and Airbnb will make it Instantly Bookable through Airbnb.

How do I connect multiple Airbnb accounts to my SuperControl?

1. Go to Integrations > Channel manager > International > Airbnb.

2. Click the link here:

3. Enter your Airbnb login details for one account and click "Log in". Then proceed through the steps.

4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for each account you want to connect to SuperControl.

Label your merged Airbnb account with an alias

If you have listed multiple Airbnb accounts in SuperControl you may wish to enter an alias name so you can easily see what properties are synced to what account/alias.

1. Go to Integrations > Channel manager > International > Airbnb.

2. Click on Manage accounts:

3. Enter you "alias" name. This can be your Airbnb login email for your different accounts.

4. Click Close.

What is included in the Airbnb integration?

Please consult our Channel Manager Overview for a list of all features in this integration here.

How do I allocate amenities to Airbnb?

You need to allocate at least five amenities for each property in order for the listing to work. When you first see the list of amenities, the list will all show as none available like this:

In order to show them with green ticks to show that they are available, follow these steps:

Step 1 - To add all amenities into SuperControl click "add them now":

This will now populate all of these amenities into SuperControl.

Step 2 - Once completed you need to tick what amenities are associated with the property. Please note, these are labelled as "amenities" in SuperControl.

At the top of the page on the grey menu bar select "Search variables"

Under the heading "Airbnb" tick the amenities that apply to this property:

NB. You will need at least 5 amenities for the listing to validate.

Then Save at the bottom of the page.

Step 3 - Navigate back to your Airbnb listing page by going to Integrations > Channel manager > International > Airbnb - click the property reference number; then go to the Amenities tab.

You will now see the relevant amenities are ticked:

How do I add photos to my Airbnb listing?

When you first start your set-up for the Airbnb integration you may not have any photos added to your property in SuperControl.  

Step 1 - To upload photos go to Properties > Edit > select "Photos" next to your selected property and Go:

Step 2 - Click Upload photos and add in all relevant photos for this property. Please note you need to add at least seven photos; three of which should be at least 800x500px.

Step 3 - Navigate back to your Airbnb listing page by going to Integrations > Channel manager > International > Airbnb and click the property reference number to take you back to your listing set-up page:

Step 4 - Click on the properties you wish to enable for Airbnb and Save.

How do I de-activate a property from Airbnb?

Go to Integrations > Channel manager > International > Airbnb

Use the toggle slider to turn the listing from On to Off:


How do I take a guest payment on a booking from Airbnb?

1. When a guest places a booking on Airbnb, the card details and payment are processed directly through Airbnb.

2. Depending on your chosen cancellation policy, Airbnb will pay you the funds near the guests’ arrival date. For more exact information on when you will be paid, you should contact Airbnb.

3. The amount you will be paid by Airbnb is the rental price minus the commission that Airbnb takes.

How do I correspond with guests who booked on Airbnb?

You can now schedule emails to be sent to a guest directly from SuperControl into their Airbnb login! Emails such as Welcome messages or arrival instructions etc. When they reply it will directly feed back into SuperControl - keeping all correspondence in one place.

If an Airbnb guest requires an ad hoc reply you should respond directly from Airbnb. This is because you can only schedule automated emails to the Airbnb messaging service in SuperControl.

See more information here.

Why are my properties not displaying in searches on Airbnb?

The reason they may not appear online is because you still haven't published them from your Airbnb account.

To publish them you need to log into your Airbnb account and select each property you wish to publish on the below link.

How do we collect security deposit on an Airbnb booking?

The security deposit never really gets "taken" with Airbnb. It's just a value that is set aside to be able to be claimed against via the Resolution Centre in Airbnb should you need to.

Is there an easy way to filter my Airbnb listing searches in SuperControl?

If you have more than 5 listings then you can see additional filters in Channel Manager > International > Airbnb. You can filter by "Stage" and if you have multiple accounts synced to Airbnb you will be able to filter by "Account" also:

If I make a change to my listing (content feed only) or pricing, how long will it take to feed through to Airbnb?

Airbnb check for updates hourly and our data cache has a 15 minute processing delay, so at most any changes will be live on Airbnb within 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Note: any updates to availability will sync to Airbnb within 15 minutes.

How do I achieve SuperHost Status?

Superhost status can be achieved every quarter based on criteria over the past 12 months. Host must achieve a minimum 4.8 average rating on all properties, 90% response rate, less than 1% cancellations by host and a minimum of 10 stays over this period. Until the end of 2021, given the exceptional circumstances only the minimum 4.8 rating and 90% response rate are required to achieve Superhost Status


How do I charge for pets?

Airbnb does not support the option to charge for extras such as pets in the booking system. The only way to do this is to write the extra charges in the House Rules and then charge separately when selected by guests. It can be charged through Airbnb's resolution center or offline. In either case it wont be subject to Airbnb service fee


I have been advised to turn off instant book, how do I do this?

The Integration with SuperControl and Airbnb is instant book it cannot be switched off. If you want to avoid getting bookings at certain dates the best way would be to close availability through the integration which will feed through to Airbnb.

I have a listing that has not been getting any bookings for a while what do I do?

We would advise to remove the listing, follow the optomising guide and re-add your listing.

Why are my prices different on the Airbnb Host Calendar?

The back end calendar or host calendar will only display 1 nightly price this could be different based on the number of nights and capacity and will fluctuate. This price is not sent in your integration. This is not controlled by SuperControl and will not affect the front-end calendar that your guests will see. We advise checking your Airbnb prices against the front-end calendar that your guest will see.

Is there a difference between an 'Agency' listing and an 'Owner' Listing?

After consideration Airbnb has decided to not make a distinction especially in search results. There is not an advantage to listing as an agency as there are still many long time Airbnb users who will prefer to use private hosts rather than professionals. You will need to make this clear to the guest by adding it in the profile description

How do I enable a live lookup from Airbnb to eliminate a caching delay for availability updates?

When you cancel a booking for example, there is a 15 minute delay whilst the data is cached and sent to Airbnb.

To eliminate this delay entirely you just need to click the button below on the main AirBnB integration page in SC (the same place as you turn on messaging for an account):

Once there you want to click the 'Authorise' button in the 'Booking Webhooks' column:


Note: You need to make sure that you're logged out in Airbnb or logged into the right account as it follows the same process as first connecting.  You will click authorise and then will need to grant access in Airbnb which will then redirect back to SuperControl.

How do I add a discount?

You will need to add a discount by following this guide

You will then need to go to Integration > Channel Manager > International > Airbnb  select your property > Rates

Select send discounts


This will send the prices to Airbnb at your discounted rate and will show as an overall price on your Airbnb listing.