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FAQs: HomeAway integration

Why is my HomeAway listing not live?

If your listing is not live or updating on HomeAway you can check whether any errors are causing this. To check go to Integrations > Channel manager > International > HomeAway and click on "5 or more listings".

If there is an issue with any of your listings you can check for errors, an example would be:

In this case you need to ensure your Headline field in your HomeAway data ( click your property name in this page for a quick navigation to your HomeAway data page) has the correct number of characters. Once this is done the error will disappear and it should then show a green tick to highlight your listing is now OK:

If the green tick is showing but there is still an issue please contact

Please note it can take up to 24 hours for your changes to publish across to HomeAway.

Other areas you can check are:

  • Ensure your have your terms and conditions added (Admin > Terms and Conditions)
  • Have seven or more photos uploaded
  • Ensure photo resolution sizes are lower than 1024 x 683 pixels
  • Have five or more Listing features ticked
  • Have 50 or more characters in the "description" field
  • Have 70 or more days availability over a 12 month period

Should the listing fail to meet any of the above it will be auto-rejected.

Why are my prices displaying incorrectly on HomeAway?

There may be a number of reasons why your weekly pricing is not what you would have expected it to be, check the following to see if any of these areas are causing anomolies:

  • Check your Price Planner (Properties > Edit > select "Price Planner" next to your selected property > Go) and make sure you have the correct prices added. If you have per person pricing enabled - check your pricing for each per person selection to ensure they are correct.
  • Check whether you have a discount or special offer set-up for your property in SuperControl.
How do I block availability on my HomeAway listing only?

If you know that peak season weeks can be booked from your own website easily then you can block those dates off on your HomeAway listing.

1. Go to Integrations > Channel manager > International > HomeAway and click on "5 or more listings"

2. Next to your activated property select your "Block Dates"

3. Click on the dates you wish to block off on your HomeAway listing. This will only block off dates on HomeAway but leave your own website availability as open.

Please note it may take up to 24 hours to update your availability to HomeAway.

How do I uplift my rates for HomeAway?

1. Go to Integrations > Channel manager > International > HomeAway and click on "5 or more listings"

2. Next to your activated property select your uplift percentage:

3. Repeat if necessary for your other properties and click Save at the bottom of the page

Please note it may take up to 24 hours to update your rates to HomeAway.

Can I send a security or refundable deposit to HomeAway?
  • If you have a security deposit set up in SuperControl, this will send to HomeAway and the client will be informed at the point of booking that this will be held.
  • If you have a refundable deposit set up in SuperControl, this will be added to the total rent at point of booking.
Can I include the cost of my default booking extras into my HomeAway price?

Yes.  Ensure that the booking extra, e.g. a Booking Fee has a value in the 'Default' column within Properties > Edit > Booking Extras then it will be added on to your HomeAway listing price.  

Note: You are not able to turn this feature of the integration off.  All default extras will be sent.

How do I edit or cancel a HomeAway booking in SuperControl?

You can edit or cancel a booking from HomeAway the same way you would with any website or admin booking.  To learn how to cancel a booking, click here.  The learn how to edit a booking, click here.

If a guest wants to cancel their HomeAway booking, the cancellation must be done through SuperControl.  When this is cancelled the cancellation request is sent to HomeAway.

If you have the enquiry integration set up with HomeAway, then your guest can cancel their booking through My Trips.

How do I enable and use the HomeAway enquiry feature?

Step 1- To enable enquiries from HomeAway to SuperControl go to Integrations > Channel Manager > International > HomeAway > 5 or more listings, and tick “Enable Receiving of Enquiries” and Save.

Step 2 - When an enquiry is placed via HomeAway it will display in SuperControl.

HomeAway enquiries will NOT include any guest contact information within an enquiry. You will be provided a masked email address that you can reply to in order for the enquirer to receive your reply.

How do I send a reply to a HomeAway enquiry?

Step 1 - Go to Enquiries > View Edit and click Filter, then click the enquiry number of your HomeAway enquiry:

Step 2 - Choose an enquiry letter to generate at the top of the page, select Email and click “Generate”.

If you don’t have an enquiry letter template click here for instructions on what to do.

We advise you have a separate email template for HomeAway enquiries that differs to your normal enquiry template. Your HomeAway enquiry template should not include any formatting and be entered as plain text.

You should NOT include any company details, contact information or images within your email template for HomeAway enquiry replies. HomeAway will not include this information in your reply.

Step 3 - Within your email window, click within your body email text, and click to insert your

HomeAway booking link” (this link will direct the enquirer straight HomeAway to book their selected property) OR

you can click “Insert HomeAway property link” (this will direct the enquirer to the property page of their selected property where they can view more property information or choose different dates to book):

Step 4 - Once you’re happy with the email click Send.

How do I enable UpFront Reviews on my HomeAway listing?

To enable UpFront Reviews on your HomeAway listings follow these steps:

Step 1 - Log in to SuperControl and go to Integrations > Channel manager > International > HomeAway (5 or more listings)

Step 2 - Scroll to the bottom of the page and under the heading "HomeAway Assigned IDs" tick the box  “Enable the Sending of Reviews”.

Step 3 - Save.

Please note it may take up to 24 hours to populate your reviews to HomeAway.

How do I access my HomeAway System of Record?

1. Log in to your HomeAway account, click "My Account" and select System of Record:

2. For full feed accounts you will see that SuperControl should be your current setting for all data:

How do I take a guest payment on a booking from HomeAway?

1. When a guest places a booking on HomeAway, they enter their card details directly into HomeAway.

2. The card details will then be registered and ready to be processed within SuperControl. Select the registered card option when processing a payment:

How do I correspond to guests in a booking from HomeAway?

1. Once a booking is placed on HomeAway, you will receive a notification from HomeAway that you’ve had a new booking, and a booking summary email will also be sent to the guest.

2. You should then correspond by email to the guest within SuperControl, the way you would if it were your own website or admin booking.

3. You will find instructions on how to send emails to a guest within SuperControl here.

Do payments from HomeAway comply with PSD2?

HomeAway has made a change to their system so that the guest will go through the relevant 3DS checks at the time of booking.  They will then send us the results of these checks as secure tokens when they provide the card details.  We can then use these results when we process the payment meaning that these transactions will comply with PSD2.  Secure Trading and HolidayRentPayment can accept these 3DS tokens.  Sage Pay currently cannot. 

If I have a problem with my HomeAway listing(s), who should I contact?
  • If your listing in SuperControl is showing a red circle, make sure the data required is completed and there is a price in price planner.  If this has been done and the issue remains, contact SuperControl.
  • If the property is not live on HomeAway, and there are no errors in SuperControl, contact HomeAway first.
  • If any content or prices have been updated in SuperControl and are not showing in HomeAway after 24-48 hours since the change, contact SuperControl.
  • If you are integrated to HomeAway via an iCal link, contact HomeAway for any issues with your listings.
What is a HomeAway Premier Partner?

The benefits:

  • Stand out in searches: with an exclusive badge on your property, travelers will know they can expect a great stay.
  • Reach more travelers: As a top performer, these partners are eligible to be featured in traveler emails, videos, our television show, social channels and more.
  • Get exclusive access: As a Premier Partner, you’ll receive priority customer support and access to beta versions of new tools so that you can help guide the future of our marketplace.
  • Communicate with travelers pre-booking: Since you process your bookings through HomeAway, we will provide you with more ways to communicate with travelers before they book with you. 

Among other factors, Premier Partners have the following qualities in common:

Their guests have great traveler experiences and it shows. Exceptional owners and property managers offer clear expectations, provide unique experiences -- and travelers respond with great feedback and reviews.

They provide quick responses to inquiries and booking requests, process all bookings through HomeAway checkout, follow through with bookings and avoid cancelling on guests. These things assure timely, secure and reliable bookings-- getting the traveler experience off to a great start.

Travelers are attracted to their properties because they include high-quality photos and descriptions of the incredible stays their guests will have. By maintaining detailed and accurate content along with listing amenities, travelers know what to expect when booking with those properties! And part of attracting travelers includes rates that are competitive, priced right for the market and priced right for the property.

The Premier Partner Program recognises owners and managers who consistently deliver outstanding traveler experiences and the Premier Partner badge shows travelers that they can expect a great stay at your property. Let’s check out the benefits of the badge.

How do you become a HomeAway Premier Partner?

Partners who have met the eligibility requirements and receive an invitation to join the program, will be required to read and accept the pledge to officially join.  

Eligibility assessments will be performed periodically, and are currently based on fast response times, high booking acceptance, low cancellation rates, and excellent traveler reviews. If you didn’t make it this time, don’t worry, you’ll have another shot at the next assessment!   

Our Premier Partners provide some of the best traveler experiences and their travelers know and expect it. Premier Partners--your travelers’ great experiences start here.

Participation in the Premier Partner Program is subject to the HomeAway Terms of Use or any other Premier Partner program or platform rules or guidelines. HomeAway may revise or discontinue the program at any time. 


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