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How do I set up the Farm Stay integration with SuperControl?

1. Log in to your Farm Stay Admin Panel and click on "Members Area".

2. Select your accommodation from the left hand menu.

3. In Accommodation Details tick "Online Availability" and "Online Booking" and click Update. You must do this to enable your property to show in an availability search on the Farm Stay website.

4. Select the unit to synchronise, for example "Granary".

5. Select the "Prop-Sync" tab and click "New Sync".

6. Select "SuperControl" from the Booking Service drop down.

7. In a separate browser window log in to your SuperControl account and go to Integrations > Channel manager > UK-wide > Prop Sync.

8. Tick the "Enable for API" box next to the property that you want to integrate, copy your SuperControl Property ID and paste it into the Reference Box in your Farm Stay account. Do this for each of the units you wish to synchronise.

9. Click "Add" in your Farm Stay account.

10. Go back to your SuperControl account to check that the property has been verified by Farm Stay, and then click on "Send Availability" to complete the integration.


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