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Onboarding Group Training Drop-in

For SuperControllers who are in the process of setting-up their accounts, as part of your onboarding journey host a series of group drop-in sessions just for you! 

These sessions are a great chance to watch the Onboarding team explain topics with the aid of demonstrations and time for questions at the end. We also offer a Q&A session with 2 advisors every Wednesday at 1:30PM.


DAY Tuesday 7th (11AM) Wednesday 8th (1:30PM) Thursday 9th (11AM)
TOPIC Property Settings & Price Planner Q&A Drop-In Pricing Strategies
DAY Tuesday 14th (11AM) Wednesday 15th (1:30PM) Thursday 16th (11AM)
TOPIC Guest Booking Journey Q&A Drop-In
The Use of Emails, Letters and SMS
DAY Tuesday 21st (11AM) Wednesday 22nd (1:30PM) Thursday 23rd (11AM)
TOPIC Property Settings & Price Planner Q&A Drop-In
Guest Booking Journey
DAY Tuesday 28th (11AM) Wednesday 29th (1:30PM) Thursday 30th (11AM)
TOPIC The Use of Emails, Letters and SMS Q&A Drop-In
Pricing Strategies

Please note: 

If no one attends during the first 10 minutes of any drop-in, we will end the session.

If your question is off topic, or specific to your individual set-up, we may ask you to ask it in your board instead, or to save it for another drop-in session.

How to get the most from the sessions

In order to get the most from the sessions join the ones most suitable to you and are beneficial for the stage you are in setting up.

There is no need to pre-book, just use the link and password found at the top of your board.

If you are attending, please put your SuperControl Account ID in the chat function in Zoom. This will allow us to record attendance. 

Please keep yourself on Mute unless asking a question to minimise background noise.

You are welcome to simply listen, and learn from others, or to ask a question. Please keep your questions on topic (for the specific sessions) and if you have already asked a question, please then give others a chance to ask theirs. 

Our Team will screenshare, and demonstrate using a generic test account. We cannot examine or share individual real accounts, since this is a public session. 



I have a day job, and so does my property manager - we simply cannot join these sessions. Are they recorded?

Tobias Parker

We don't record the sessions, but since they run daily, and we have now added a Wednesday lunchtime. early afternoon session we hope there will be at least one that can be made to work for you.

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